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My name is Kay and I'm seventeen! I like to string words into coherent sentences and call myself a writer!

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Paper Hearts 
The Homeless Boy

~ I'm a Sagittarius
~ I'm a hopeless romantic
~ Optimist 
~ I'm a middle child
~ I love hugs
~ I love dogs, but dislike cats.
~ I'd rather cuddle up with a good book compared to going out for a night on the town.
~ I'm very self conscious
~ My favourite number is 3, for no particular reason
~ My name (Kailin) is Gaelic, and also means "little cub"
~ I play right side/power in volleyball, but have played every position; and
~ I delete stories off of Wattpad way too often.

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"Really think about your words before you speak. They can mean different things to different people." 


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iamranim posted a message to LittleGirlBlue
Hey, we used to be so close :( I'm sorry to hear that people have been putting you down, honestly:/ 
You're a great person, and just remember that everyone who shows hate is probably intimidated, and they don't even know you, love. Don't feel glum.
I'm here for you<3
Having three girls approach me in a mall today and ask me to sign their phone cases was one of the best feelings ever!
Love you guys :) <3
No love! YOU are amazing! Just keep your head up and never allow anything negative to bother you or stick to YOU! People are going to talk, let them talk! People only talk about superstars anyway! So enjoy the attention, but never give them the satisfaction, by letting them know their words hurt. Only live your life for YOU! Remember always, on your own teams!
my dear child! always live your life on your terms! if YOU allow people and their negativity to push towards suicide then they win, and YOU would have lived on their teams! never give anyone that kind of power over YOU! when someone says I hate YOU, what they are really saying is I hate myself! when someone says you're ugly, what they are truly saying is I hate myself! when they say, YOU should die what they are really saying is please save me! if no one says to YOU you're beautiful, then LOVE YOU need to tell yourself you're beautiful! all your negative thoughts comes because YOU lack self LOVE! LOVE YOU and accept every little blemish that YOU have, and nothing anyone says to YOU will ever be able to hurt you! you may email me anytime YOU like I am here for YOU! And I'll help in any way I can!
Having someone continuously tell me that I'm not good enough and that I'm not worth it pushes me to these meltdowns that I'm not proud of. I wish sometimes that I could forget about all the stupid, little things. But-- I can't. The reasoning for this, I'm not all too sure.

I'm so lost and I'm so confused. I don't know who to be or if anyone will ever read this message. So many times I've thought: maybe everyone would be happier if I wasn't here; perhaps people wouldn't even notice. It's then that I realize that all these dark, looming thoughts are so mediocre. Everyone has the right to feel sad, but do we really have the right to make others feel so miserable and lost?

I'm really tired of online hate. I'm a human being. I have feelings also. My life isn't a fairy tale; a fable full of fortunate events and wondrous opportunities. My life sucks sometimes and I've been through so much.

Please, everyone. My feelings are hurt and though they will be mended soon, the tingling pain will always linger in the back of my mind. Instead of thinking about all the "good times," I'll be thinking: "hey, that girl/boy on Wattpad called me useless. If a stranger can say that without knowing me, I wonder what everyone else really thinks of me."

I hope to wake up tomorrow morning and not feel any pain from the words this one person has said to me.

To those of you who support me: I love you and I always will.
I honestly love each and every one of you. I know I don't update too often, but the fact that I have 13.4+ K followers really brightens my day.

You are all so special and so unique and I am here for anyone, no matter the time of day! Stay positive and stay YOU!