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The Virgin Wars

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Description: “This is the story of how I lost my virginity. It is a maladroit tale, a cataclysm of lies I'm not too proud of. But, I do ask you one thing: refrain from judgement until the end. Listen, now.” Peyton Anderson, along with the majority of her fr...

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The Homeless Boy

The Homeless Boy

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Emily's life is filled with nothing but good people. She has her parents: who are both workaholics, but...

Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts

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Kellie Del Rae is sick of labels. After all, it was just one scandalous photo. With her senior year fina...

Turning 18 a month from today!!
On a sadder note -- tomorrow is the 13th year of my mother's death anniversary. Keeping positive thoughts with me!

Love you all!
iamranim posted a message to LittleGirlBlue
Hey, we used to be so close :( I'm sorry to hear that people have been putting you down, honestly:/ 
You're a great person, and just remember that everyone who shows hate is probably intimidated, and they don't even know you, love. Don't feel glum.
I'm here for you<3
Having three girls approach me in a mall today and ask me to sign their phone cases was one of the best feelings ever!
Love you guys :) <3
No love! YOU are amazing! Just keep your head up and never allow anything negative to bother you or stick to YOU! People are going to talk, let them talk! People only talk about superstars anyway! So enjoy the attention, but never give them the satisfaction, by letting them know their words hurt. Only live your life for YOU! Remember always, on your own teams!
my dear child! always live your life on your terms! if YOU allow people and their negativity to push towards suicide then they win, and YOU would have lived on their teams! never give anyone that kind of power over YOU! when someone says I hate YOU, what they are really saying is I hate myself! when someone says you're ugly, what they are truly saying is I hate myself! when they say, YOU should die what they are really saying is please save me! if no one says to YOU you're beautiful, then LOVE YOU need to tell yourself you're beautiful! all your negative thoughts comes because YOU lack self LOVE! LOVE YOU and accept every little blemish that YOU have, and nothing anyone says to YOU will ever be able to hurt you! you may email me anytime YOU like I am here for YOU! And I'll help in any way I can!