Status: Spending the whole day with your nephew, cuddling, reading and a nice cup of Jasmine and Rose tea. Its wonderful :) (1 year ago)


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Hey guys,
my name is Kea.
I suck at doing these sort of things but i''ll try :)


I love Criminal Minds, America's Next Top Model, NCIS (LA), White Collar, Modern Family and New Girl.

~ Usher
~ T-pain
~ Ciara
~ Nicki Minaj
~ Lady Gaga
~ Ed Sheeran
~ Of Mice and Men

My favorite color is blue and red. Depending on how i'm feeling on the day.
Family to me is the most important thing in life.
I love my little nephew Alvin to bits and pieces.
I love love love love reading books. Boyxboy, Werewolf and Humor are my favorite types of books to read.

Azmarie Livingston <3 
Azmarie is the most beautiful living creature I've ever seen. 

Inbox me if you like.
Ask me any questions and I won't hesitate to answer truthfully. 


Post your books on my wall and I'll check them out.
I'll gladly edit them if you want me to. 

Ciao Belle.

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In love with this story. Full Stop. You should update very very soon.
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