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Somewhere in the WorldWhile Christ and His Angels Slept, a Sparrow Sang.A Voice in the DarkFalling for a British bloke

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Gosh, that Margret is a stubborn one!! Sometimes I'm on the verge of shaking her.... LOL! Still always a treat to see a new John and Margret Story...
Somewhere in the World

LOL! Uhhh, I remember (numerous, unpleasant) encounters with electric fences in my childhood!! That's living in the glorious Bavarian countryside....
Poems for Special Occasions

Wow, that reads like a (real) Caty's. I've been a bit out of the picture over the last months, but it's great to find new writings from you. Hope...
While Christ and His Angels...

That sounds good! Looking forward to read more of your stuff. Ah Sir Guy, is he already scowling.....?
A Voice in the Dark

(Commented over at DF). Thanks Lilian, for this wonderful story. Loved it!!!
A Voice in the Dark