I love to write, read, draw and take pictures. My dream is to write for a living. Being a photographer or editor for a living wouldn't be half bad either :)

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Description: A poetry collection consisting of 15 poems that take you on a journey through transmutations in love.


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A little dessert for your spirit

A little dessert for your spirit

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Just lots of my thoughts. I hope they can be of some benefit for you, I know writing them helped me quit...

To Write...

To Write...

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Lilyonalillypad commented on Project X - |breath of life|

That was hilarious and awesome. I wonder how this blood is going to affect them. Since eventually they will no longer have human blood, will this make them a type of "hybrid" in a way? Or perhaps they will gain a few Xrion abilities? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see :)
Lilyonalillypad commented on Project X - |i know you|

Just put some warning lines in the chapter, I think it's tedious to go to a different book to read more chapters. Also this chapter was amazing! And the ending was intense! I don't know what happened to Alexa, but I can't wait to find out :D the next chapter is gonna be very cool