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Name Lili Zwingli
Location Liechtenstein
Member Since Oct 01, 2012
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Hello everyone... This is Liechtenstein.
I'm a bit inexperienced at this site, so please treat me kindly!

About me:

Um... the things I like... brother?
Ah, I also like the colors purple and pink. Is that a bit too girly?
And, picnics are fun too. Especially when the weather is nice.
Having fun with Hungary and Ukraine is nice too! I like going shopping with them.
I've also gotten a pet rabbit recently, but I'm still wondering what to name her...
Oh yes, and I like playing soccer too!

The things I dislike...?
Eh, I don't like feeling hungry... During World War II, I was hungry all the time and everyone was sad... that wasn't fun.
Other than that, there's not much... Although when nii-san argues with Austria, that makes me feel a bit worried. I wish that they would get along more...

That's all for now! Please continue to support me, and let's try to get along, everybody!

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