I am human; therefore, I make mistakes. Most of those mistakes revolve around my math skills ^.^ and my grammar. Mostly my math. Anyways, I love to write, read, and draw. I hate math, I'm terrible at it, so I'm a bit biased. My favorite color is purple, I love The Hunger Games, and I didn't read the last two books of The Immortal Instruments because I loved the ending in the third book, it was too perfect and I wanted it to stay like that.

Uh, what else is there? Hmm...Oh!

There might be a slight possibility that I'm obsessed with Fantasy/SciFi stories/novels. Why? Because, I can escape from reality to be a fricking vampire or an alien who happens to look like a human. Real life is boring, and I need to escape it.

I love Paramore, Linkin Park, Hot Chelle Rae, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift.

Uh, yeah...so that's it! Soooo....um...BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Playing with Fire

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Description: Arianna lost her parents in a fire at age eight. Right when she realizes that she posses the gift of controlling fire. She's forced to move in with her cold, unloving godmother and brat of a daughter. As she grows she's able to control her gift and...

Okay, so I've been on a hiatus...I'm sorry. I'm going to try to update regularly, but it's not a promise. Most likely I'll update on Saturdays since there's no practice or classes then.