I'm Ashley.
I'm 15.
I'm ready to shank my band director c:
        He's shit.

Bye Guys.
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Oh my gosh, you actually left it hanging right there. How could you do this to me Hec? Uber hot demon Bryce cannot die. I don't think Noah can make it without him, you know. (I probably couldn't make it without Bryce either lol) But, on a more sad note, I can't believe Mo is gone just like that. I mean for most of the book I kind of disliked her, but as time has gone on she kind of grew on me in a strange kind of way. I think she will be missed not just by Josiah (poor,broken Josiah) but everyone else as well. Thanks for such a great last chapter! Can't wait to read the new book on Thursday (thanksgiving treat?).