Heeeeeeeeeeeeey you!
      Yes you!
      Do you believe in unicorns?
      Well… you should!
      Why should you believe in unicorns you ask?
      Well… because I am one!
      Hey there little person! 
      My name is Barney and that girl sitting in the corner crying is Ashley! 
      Know why she's crying?
      I honestly don't know! 
      But I know she is VERY emotional!
      Now her part of the bio! vvvvvv
      I wasn't crying! I was swearing through my eyeballs! :(
      Okay so hey!
      My name is Ashley and that girl up there, her name is actually Barney and she's a unicorn!
      Yup! Don't believe me? 
      You should! 
      Barney the Unicorn
      Anyways, to tell you what she hasn't!
      This is a joint account between my personal @LovelyAshleyJ and Barney's personal @DoubleDreams !
      So yeah… you know that now.
      Time for all the decorative profile bits! :D
      Taste the rainbow… *throws skittles at you* …I SAID TASTE IT!!!
      Hello, I'm sorry I can't take your call right now, I have more important things to do. But please feel free to leave a message after the beep. *ten minutes later* I'm sorry, but it appears that our beep is too busy to take your message right now. Call back some other time when we can give a fuck about you. Have a nice day! :)
      This is this cat
      This is is cat
      This is how cat
      This is to cat
      This is keep cat
      This is a cat
      This is retard cat
      This is busy cat
      This is for cat
      This is forty cat
      This is seconds cat
      Now go through and read the third word of each sentence. 83
      Signature time!
      (joint signature)
      (individual signatures)
      Barney Xox
      Ashley .x
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