Happy endings are overrated.

If you would like to know more about me, but here are some things about me :D 

0. I'm a Christian and proud of it 
1. My name is Lisa 
2. I have a black belt in karate
3. I'm in the girls brigade, and I love it 
4. I'm severely unfit and can't play sports to save my life 
5. I'm slowly giving up writing because I suck
6. I'm from Singapore 
7. I have an ego the size greater than the Milky Way 
8. I'm losing everything I ever treasured, but the brigade has been what kept me going for a long time now
9. My grandmother's dog loves me
10. I love you!! 

@BiteMyHorcrux is my bestest friend here, although there are so many other wonderful people like @ebfnath, @yummybath91 and @asherzmcg :D

I write (obviously) stories and recently poems.

Oh and I've got a morbid fear of vampires. SHHH!

Links (or whatever social information you might call this):

Instagram: instagram.com/lichyuha
Tumblr: lichyuha.tumblr.com
BBM: 2B1E4989
Deviant art (I post some of my short stories and occasional drawings there so do check it out: lichyuha.deviantart.com
Email: lisa_chin_yh@yahoo.com.sg (I almost never use this account because I've forgotten the password and I only use it on my iPod, so I might not reply instantly :P)

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Description: When Sylvia meets Blake, a boy full of mysteries, she suddenly finds herself in a dilemma, because she has no idea of his true identity before its too late.

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Random poems

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