Who am I? I'm Samie Foster And I am nothing more than a girl who has been eccentric about writing since I was ten years old and now I finally have a chance to publish my work through the years. I may not be a big writer like Stephen King or Michael Crichton , and really don't believe I may ever make it that big. But there's no harm in hope. Plus I love success stories like that of Starbucks, where some one can make it with despite all odds against them. It proves that it's possible. And I just a hate the idea of the world where big businesses are trying to step on the little guy. But now I'm pretty much rambling. Let me explain why I'm here.

I'm here to post raw unedited and semi edited drafts on line for  another set of eyes can look over it. I swear I'm the worse editor in the world. So on any of my work if you see

-Grammar Errors

-Miss Spellings

-Plot Holes

-Or is if you just have any suggestions that might make it better

-Just over all opinion of the story is nice too. A honest one. I don't want any  sugar coating.

Please please please let me know. It would mean so much to me.  It's my whole reason for being here. To perfect everything to be it's best. And don't be afraid to say something. Even if you read it and you hate my guts because something offended you in someway, tell me! I won't get mad.

And one quite last note I would like to add. The stories will not stay forever. Such as larger projects are up for peer reviews. And once it's done it's being pulled to go to be published in paper back and ebook or what not. The same goes for the shorts. They are eventually submitted somewhere though they probably will have a much longer shelf life than the projects.

Anyways enough said. I hope you enjoy what you find.
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