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I'm a northerner who is now a southern farm girl. I enjoy raising organic  vegetables, and helping on our farm, (raising wheat and soybeans).  I love reading beyond all else. And have discovered writing.

My tastes vary...  Westerns... Si Fi,  Historic/ romantic. Currently reading a trilogy about  the 12 C England. I love watching period drama and  I especially LOVE North and South the book always first and second the adaptation. Next Robin Hood and all things RA.   

Also..I don't think I ever stopped loving the TV show...The Young Riders.  Bases loosely on the Pony Express  and a group of young express riders...    I love reading fan fic  about the series and writing about them and discussing their lives and their world in the 1860's




5 pages, updated Dec 22, 2013G
Buck, a young half Kiowa/ half white Pony Express rider, who is struggling against the town's ignorant talk as recent Indian attacks threaten the peace of Sweetwater. Suddenly ... read more
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The Kiss

The Kiss

2 pages, updated Dec 05, 2013GCompleted
A life time of kisses, but the first one last forever. ~~~~~~~~ This story is A/U and based off of the 1989-1991 TV series, "The Young Riders". But you don't need to be familiar with the show to enjoy this story...
33 reads votes 2 comments 2
The Love Letter

The Love Letter

12 pages, updated Mar 29, 2013PGCompleted
A simple letter never meant to be seen falls into some of the Pony Express Riders hands. ~~~~~~~~~ This story is A/U. It is inspired from the 1989-1991 TV series, &qu... read more
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10 parts / 43 pages, updated Apr 18, 2011GVideoPictures
The speculation of 1851. It was hailed as a sure prospect, every cotton mill owner who invested was sure to succeed, but what it it failed? The city of Milton was soon to find o... read more
18,494 reads votes 142 comments 39
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What a lovely chapter. I must say I'm relieved that Tusk's medicine worked on Johnny...I was worried there.... Beautiful writing...the way you...
Unlikely Angel

Another wonderful chapter, so well written. I just loved little Susan getting up in Hound Dogs lap, telling him she was scared....and how he told...
Unlikely Angel

There is so much to love in this chapter. I enjoyed Billy and Pat and their protectiveness for Susan. I loved the part when they were talking...
Unlikely Angel

Great chapter!! The suspense is building. Johnny as a father is so charming to see. I'm biting my nails at what will happen next...
Unlikely Angel

Again another great chapter. Johnny teaching Susan to shoot was just priceless and sweet. You have such a lovely touch with these characters.
Unlikely Angel