Letting All My Feelings And Emotions out By Writing ... Ummm Not Really A Writer . I Love Green ! I Love To Eat, I Hope You Can Help Me By Reading My Stories & Helping Me Improve. Im Outgoing & Good At Making New Friends.... I Dont Like being Fucked With , i Have No Patience or room For Bullshit !

I Love Boys<3

Not Really A Fan Of Females, They run Their Mouth Too Much. 

Im Cool Peoples & Always On My Chills ...
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Lashaun commented on The Throne - Chapter 18

Loving That Mario Is Willing To Admit His Mistakes & Taking A Step Forward. i Knew He Never Got Over Her No Matter How Much This Violet Chick Is Around .... Hopefully They Take Baby Steps To Being Back Together . Im So Excited !!! I Thought I Was Gonna Have To Kill Mario Myself ! Lol
Lashaun commented on The Throne - Chapter 17

mario Needs To Be A Grown Ass Man & Grow Up! Jasmine Is Trying! He`s Being A Hypocryte Cuz He Has That Other Woman Around His Daughter , But She Cnt Another Dude Around Her Child ???? Nope Thats Foul! Mario Better Get His Act Together & Quick! Making Me Mad!