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I never know what to write here so I'll just write whatever (:
I'm a 20 year old college Sophomore. I used to come up with a lot of ideas for stories and joined this site randomly through finding the app for my phone and finding some amazing stories to read on here. It inspired me to get back into writing for myself and so I'm now working on making it a hobby of mine again. I hope to find some more amazing stories and authors on here as well as discovering my own writing style again (:

I'm still a newish writer, and I'm still trying to find my own style. So any sort of feedback is appreciated if you read my story. It'll help me become better at writing and maybe my second story will be written even better (:

I haven't written in a while, but I'm not gone! I've been really busy with real life problems, but I miss writing and am trying to find a way back to it.

I don't read fanfiction (unless you can convince me it's an original!). I will not read any fanfiction with real life people though, sorry (especially 1D fics).

I have a personal blog as well, that I just recently started, so check me out if you want to (:

All time favorite Wattpad authors:

If there's anything else you need to know just ask! :D


Reviews on Wattpad Stories

Reviews on Wattpad Stories

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Exactly what the title says! Reviews of stories on Wattpad that I have read. These may or not be in the "What's Hot" list. My goal of making this is to provide feedback to authors of stories and to recommend them to others.
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