I write Rated R books 

You'll find that my page is for 18 and up. Though that may change one day, but mostly I am somewhat of a shy girl who loves to tell a story. If you read and comment I will try to answer you.

I have been gone from wattpad because I felt my stories where too erotic for what I saw as a teen site. Though I still see it that way I have notice that there is an under bell of Rated R books that are really good!! And a community of fans that are really great SOO I hope you like my writing.

I live in between the shadows of reality and insanity, hating one longing for the other.

I love this saying.

I have only just a minute.
Only sixty seconds in it
Forced upon me-
Can’t refuse it,
Didn’t seek it,
Didn’t choose it,
But it's up to me to use it.
I must suffer if i lose it.
Give account if i abuse it.
Just a tiny little minute-
But eternity is in it. -Anonymous
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Dark Seduction

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Description: For too long the villain’s goals and stories have been pushed to the back ground of your stories. For too long they have lost to who ‘some’ would proclaim to be heroes . . . But we say it’s time for a change, its time for the villain to win. Welcome...


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