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I have had my nose buried in a book as long as I can remember. Growing up my nickname was bookworm. I am obssesed with reading and own about 500( give or take) books. After finding wattpad I am in heaven either on my phone in public or PC at home biting my nails waiting for updates.
 I love creating stories in my head but have a difficulty writing it out. Usually my brain runs faster than my hands. I am trying to prewrite a few before I try write one on wattpad.
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Tricks of Love (boyxboy) Second Book of "Fire and Ice" seriesUnleashed

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I loved the whole series Can't wait to see more work from you
Otherworldly Mates

I'm loving it as usual and can't wait for more.
Loving You Is Forbidden (Ma...

I was so excited when I saw this one shot I couldn't wait to read it. It was so sweet this is the first anniversary either one has had and they...
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yay Mateus and Damian finally got it on. Man that was HOT
Otherworldly Mates

Finally the psycho is dead. I hope Damian and Imani are ok ,
Otherworldly Mates