My name is Courtney and I am a high school art student. I like reading, sports, and absolutely fail at cooking. I'm a dog person, and really hate it when people ask me if I dye my hair. No, I am a natural ginger and do in fact have a soul. Unfortunately I live in boring old America, and have never been outside the country. 
I read romantic fiction, but also a couple poems every once in a while. 
Music? <-- MY LIFE! I love U2, Sarah Mclachlan, and Neon Trees.
 Send me story suggestions and I'll read and comment:)
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Would it be okay if I used bits and pieces of the beginning scenes in the forest from "Of Painted Water" in my new book "girl and boy meets world"? 

Such as the prank war, the fort in the tree, cabin, shooting arrows right above the head of the enemy, and teaming up with an old friend?

I love how complicated this is. This isn't a love story, and it isn't a comedy. This is 100% action adventure, with a lovable teenage girl and a confusing plot. It's usually pretty easy to tell who the superhero is in these kinds of things, but I am so stumped on who's who that I just can't stand it. Thanks so much for blessing Wattpad with such a wonderful story and please continue to do so.