My name is Courtney and I am a high school art student. I like reading, sports, and absolutely fail at cooking. I'm a dog person, and really hate it when people ask me if I dye my hair. No, I am a natural ginger and do in fact have a soul. Unfortunately I live in boring old America, and have never been outside the country. 
I read romantic fiction, but also a couple poems every once in a while. 
Music? <-- MY LIFE! I love U2, Sarah Mclachlan, and Neon Trees.
 Send me story suggestions and I'll read and comment:)
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Omigod I absolutely loved of painted water and am so looking forward to the rest of life ever after. I almost don't want you to update because I don't want it to end! That's what I look forward to. But you're stories are amazing logan Lerman for life keep writing 
Sarchey posted a message to LadyInTown
Hi! So I read Of Painted Water and Life Ever After (keep updating ;)) and I absolutely loved it. I really like your stile of writing and Nikki's personality. Keep writing, you are talented ;)
Luna-Lerman posted a message to LadyInTown
Hi, I have read your book ,, of Painted water,, and was totally enthusiastically of it !!! And therefore , I fall allegorically on the knees and implore you: Write the continuation further please!! I would totally be Glad because I am a gigantic Logan Lerman Fan too! Thanks for writing These amazinf
LadyInTown commented on Stroked - Chapter 7

I-I have no idea what I just read...
God is a tech geek? Jesus and God can be killed? Centaurs live in an old fashioned castle and wear clothing? Dragons can be gay? God needed technology to create heaven? 
I understand that this is your story and that you have the right to post whatever you want. I'm the one that willingly clicked on this story and read some of it. It's a cool idea- a dark angel from heaven sent to recruit assistance from other supernatural creatures in the war against hell. But the ideas that you throw into this are so random, nothing is fitting together. 
I don't know if you want my opinion- I might come off as being too rude or snobby- but I think this story is a little too all over the place. 
You obviously have a ton of people reading it (congrats) and that's great for you, but if you want to reach out to more people, I would suggest you reconsider the organization of this piece. Perhaps add a little bit of sophistication to the characters, make them worthy of the challenge set before them. 
I don't mean to offend you or any of your fans with this comment, I am simply sharing my opinion.