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Growth as a writer is more important than popularity. 

To express is more satisfying than to impress. 


- x O x O - 

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I'm mostly an English writer, but yes, I'm a Filipina <3


The First Fall (Short Story)

The First Fall (Short Story)

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 29, 2014
Before he was Satan, the first sinner, he had been Lucifer, the first star. And before he was the Adversary, he was anointed Cherub.
66 reads votes 14 comments 7
I'd lie

I'd lie

1 page, updated Aug 27, 2014
It is a simple arrangement made between best friends. The plan is to date in order to ward off those assholes who keep on harassing her, and to break up once they find the peop... read more
111 reads votes 18 comments 14
Legend of the Twin Blades [Slow Updates]

Legend of the Twin Blades [Slow Updates]

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Jun 23, 2014PG
In early history, it was recorded that twin dragons had descended to stabilize the peace of the lands. But because of the evil of the Sorceress, th... read more
413 reads votes 56 comments 29
One of The Boys |Taglish|

One of The Boys |Taglish|

ChickLit #317
1 page, updated Jun 10, 2014
One of The Boys |Decoding the Language of Guys| There are many types of guys, many kinds of relationships. There is no definite way to find your Mr. Right, but... read more
342 reads votes 20 comments 7
Revanche [Slow Updates]

Revanche [Slow Updates]

3 parts / 7 pages, updated May 31, 2014
Maiiwasan mo pa ba ang TEMPTATION kung ito na mismo ang lumalapit sayo? [Taglish Story]
312 reads votes 38 comments 15
Break Away [Depression Memoirs]

Break Away [Depression Memoirs]

15 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 26, 2014
Inescapable is the void shrouded by darkness. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? She falls. Can she stand again? [A story told in short collection... read more
4,526 reads votes 314 comments 180
Serendipity [Still Revising]

Serendipity [Still Revising]

5 parts / 7 pages, updated Apr 02, 2014
Serendipity: Love until Eternity BOOK 1: The Genesis Remastered, LadyAireen ** "FREEDOM comes at a PRICE." ** In Genesis, God made the heaven and... read more
33,880 reads votes 394 comments 378
Tale of Realica

Tale of Realica

2 pages, updated Feb 11, 2014
69 reads votes 4 comments 5
Collection of Drabbles and One-shots

Collection of Drabbles and One-shots

17 parts / 14 pages, updated Apr 27, 2013
1,401 reads votes 114 comments 85


12 parts / 24 pages, updated Jan 31, 2013Completed
Please refer to the other Serendipity on my Works, thank you.
1,860 reads votes 134 comments 96

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Toto and the Boys: George

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The First Fall (Short Story)

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