HEY!:D I'm Lachlan:) I am 11 years old and I love Writing stories.

-About me:
-My fav animal as you can tell is a wolf
-My fav book series is Percy Jackson Hunger Games and the inheritance cycle
-I'm autistic, if you don't know what that means seach it up!
My favourite singers/ bands are;
-Newton Falkner
-Linkin Park
-Marina and the diamonds
-Ed Sheeran
-Sam Brookes

-My B-day is october
-My family is NOT normal.
-I'm british(we are not amused)
-I try to follow back- sorry if I don't

Random stuff..
-Carrots are orange.
-Carrots used to be purple.
-If you still see purple carrots.. check with your opticians  ;D
-♀+♀= ❤ Put this on your
-♂+♂= ❤page if you are or support
-♀+♂=  ❤ gays, lesbians & bi's. 
-Read my story- Cursed Blood- pleaseee:3
-Fan me please:3
-My sister is @NiamhIsMaName
-Thanks for reading byeee
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Hope you enjoyed the beginning of this story! Sorry it took so long for me to release this, but I really did try my best for this one! Vote, comment, add, share and/or follow if you enjoyed! I guess that's all I have to say for now, so... BYEEE!