welllll my name is 
and her name is
and we are
and i like
and she likes
and im hungry
  .·´  D.·´¨)
 (¸¸.·´  .·´  
       .·´R  .·´¨)
      (¸¸.·´  .·´ 
            .·´ E  .·´¨)
           (¸¸.·´  .·´  
                 .·´A .·´¨)
                (¸¸.·´  .·´  
                      .·´M .·´¨) 
                       (¸¸.·´  .·´  

she lives in another world
i live in a different  realm
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Description: "You must do as I say. After all, you are my slave," he said, stroking her cheek. Adeola Williams is a African-American slave back in the 1800s. Her life was pretty okay as a slave, until he came running into her life. He being Kristopher Lanters...

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The sirens are singing their song....

yuri12yuki posted a message to Laceless
Well I can't make you keep writing because as a writer to do what you feel is best for you, but I as a reader have grown really attached to your story and feel you should continue it at some later date. Please don't delete it!

Your fan, 
guys i feel like deleting The Slave Master's Son bc i can barely keep up with it, and i keep getting writer's block
yuri12yuki posted a message to Laceless
Can you please update again? This story is one of the best one's I read on wattpad and I think you should really keep it up