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I'm just a reader, not a writer. I'm an avid fan of yourlittledemon. I love her stories a lot. She's a close friend of mine and I'm also one of her OC operators. My name is a mystery. Just call me Lala.

I'm immature because I'm still young. I have lots of things to learn before I turn into a mature person. I'm kind to those who are kind to me. But I'm a real bitch to those I hate. Seriously, don't try bitchin' at me.

It's my hobby to edit pictures, so yeah... I do make covers for yourlittledemon. Like what I said, I'm an avid fan okay?

Joking around is one of my hobby. If you're a meanie, ruining your day is the most delightful thing to do. Just... don't mess with me.

I do love reading funny stories. In my point of view, I think it is better to make myself happy than irritate and make myself sad by reading dramatic stories. A little touch of drama is fine, but too much is just unbearable.

I rarely vote stories I like because most of the time, I am just a mobile reader.

Well... I'm nice if you are. Yes I'm a good person, unless you've done something bad to me or to my friends.

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