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Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words...I beg to differ. We are given the ability to weave words into a tapestry of our liking, and I truly belive that when arranged just so, words can be the most powerful pieces of our existance. All seriousness aside, I just really love to write...and read ;)

 Random Facts:
I am a total 'grammar nazi' (seriously it's a compulsion lol) 

I am 100% addicted to Coke <3...the soda that is. 

I believe that "beautiful" is the most subjective word in the English language, and each person is entitled to his or her own opinion of its definition

Give me Sour Patch Kids, and I will gladly marry you 

I have a twisted since of humor (who doesn't?)

Next to writing, music is the most important part of my life, and I am totally obsessed with:
Pearl Jam
Green Day
Motionless in White
Avenged Sevenfold
30 Seconds to Mars
 Panic! At The Disco 
 Breaking Benjamin
The White Stripes (Seven Nation Army is the most addictive song ever)
5 Finger Death Punch....The list goes on and on get the point. 

♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀=♥ MATTER.

|..............| Put this on your
|..............| page if you have
|...........O| ever pushed a
|..............| door that said pull.
|..............| (I a thousand times)


Out of Bounds (still in progress)

Out of Bounds (still in progress)

1 page, updated Sep 28, 2013
27 reads votes 1 comments 2
Is This What You Wanted?

Is This What You Wanted?

1 page, updated Apr 12, 2013
16 reads votes 2 comments 2
People Change, People Grow.

People Change, People Grow.

1 page, updated Jan 20, 2013
63 reads votes 14 comments 12
Letter to "god"

Letter to "god"

1 page, updated Nov 24, 2012
36 reads votes 0 comments 3
Ignorant Hate

Ignorant Hate

1 page, updated Nov 03, 2012
165 reads votes 23 comments 23
Rain Will Fall

Rain Will Fall

1 page, updated Nov 01, 2012
149 reads votes 22 comments 18
Restless Soul

Restless Soul

1 page, updated Sep 29, 2012
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Poisonous Fate

Poisonous Fate

1 page, updated Sep 29, 2012
108 reads votes 13 comments 10
Breaking Free

Breaking Free

1 page, updated Sep 29, 2012
132 reads votes 15 comments 10
Letter to M: The Choice of Death

Letter to M: The Choice of Death

1 page, updated Jul 03, 2012
20 reads votes 2 comments 0
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Why thank you darling! I can always count on you to say something nice :) Oh and btw are you going to the festival tomorrow?
Out of Bounds (still in pro...

This incredibly well written, and has a strong element of mystery. I like the darkness of it. Voted :)

@Mosiac Thx, and you know I've never really thought of it that way. Rain has always seemed mournful to me but I like the celebration idea quite a...
Rain Will Fall

@Dogcxz Not exactly, but I love that meaning, and I hope that ppl will be able to apply whatever message is helpful to them. Thx for taking the...
Is This What You Wanted?

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