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Hello lovelies, 

My name is Dina. I discovered Wattpad back in 2009 and I've been addicted since.
It was one of the happiest days of my life because I love to read and seeing that anyone can post their stories on here is what really amazed me. 

I was never really good at writing the "About Me" section but I'll just mention a few things about me.
 - I'm 19 years old.
 - I'm about to start the 3rd year at University, out of a total of 5.
 - I'm study in Emirates Aviation University, Dubai.
 - I've lived in Dubai for about 11 years now.
 - I'm originally from Bosnia, which is in Europe. It was a part of former Yugoslavia. 
 - English is not my first language but I am fluent in it. Learned it in Dubai, 3rd grade.
 - I'm a huge Music fanatic. I listen to everything, if I like the beat but I love Rock the most.
 - My greatest ambition is to travel around the world.

I have just posted a short story I wrote in English class back in High School, about 3 years back. I'm really nervous about that but I'll share a few more as soon as I edit them out.

And I also do covers in my spare time, so hit me up in the PM if you need one. 

Thanks for stopping by!  xx :)


One Shots

One Shots

1 page, updated Jul 02, 2014
Collection of some short stories I've written back in High School in English class, and will possibly include some recent work.. As soon as I write it :)))
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