my name? Lyssa. 
but you can call me LM. 
or you can call me whatever you wanted to. 

the color of my skin is yellowish white.. my eyes color is hazel brown, I think.. I have a short hair (not very short), it's wavy and it's color is black.. I'm somewhat tall in my age.. I'm a little chubby or you could say it I'm a little fat (but not too fat), for me.. just use your imagination to it, k??? hehehe..

I'm nice, friendly, hyper, weird, somewhat matured, lokaretz and bipolar. 
in short a certified LOKARETZ! hehe. 
but I'm a bitch to the people who deserves it. 

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~~> http://lmwattpad.tumblr.com/
~~> http://maisatiffanysmith.tumblr.com/

this is my second wattpad account (fan me up)

nice to meet you.. =))
I am concentrating on my book The Nerd..=))

for now, that's all that I can share for you, I think..
Please read my books..

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basahin niyo na lang po.. hehehe.. ^____^

waahhh!! shocks! may nagbabasa pa pala ng TNSITC book ko!!! haha. sorry sa mga readers ko dun kung di ko siya natapos (kahit 1 chapter na lang tapos na siya). haha. nawalan ako ng idea bigla last 4 years about dun eh tapos nagging busy na ako. kaya yun. hehe. anyway, Thanks sa mga nagbasa ng TNSITC!!! naflattered ako kasi akala ko wala na talaga nagbabasa ng mga stories ko :) Thank you guys! love ya!!! :D