♫And a certificate on paper isn’t gonna solve it all
   ♫ But it’s a damn good place to start
      ♫No law is gonna change us
        ♫ We have to change us
         ♫  Whatever god you believe in
           ♫We come from the same one
             ♫Strip away the fear
               ♫Underneath it’s all the same love
                 ♫ About time that we raised up
  ♫Macklemore &Ryan Lewis - Same Love ♫ -   post on your wall if you support gay rights! :)


For those who dont know LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

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FreyaHellson posted a message to LGBT-Library
I've been wondering if anyone had a list of stories cause it's so hard to find bxb and gxg stories. This is a great idea and I'm definitely recommending this to my friends that love bxb and gxg. I myself am bi and most of my friends are gay or bi and one is in a lesbian relationship and they're so cute together i even have picture proof of them giving each other massages at school. I hope Wattpad make this stuff a category cause it's so popular with all kinds of people. And i may have some new addition poetry to add later on as I'm in the process of trying to write a poem to use when I finally tell my parents. Just about everyone else knows though. I may also have stories I've read that aren't on the lists so look out for new additions!
wow I didnt know thats what it stands for... meh my twin sister is bi and in a lesbian relationship so idm. also gays are sooo adorable!! I have a gay bestfriend and he is.amazing!! though im straight I fully opt my support for any gays, lesbians, bi's or anything else. also gay means 
you are all amazing!! bye xz