Status: Apparently one of the Yaoi Tales stories I'm working on seems morbid in the beginning chapter. Yep :P I'm not telling which one it is (1 week ago)


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my goals but u probably don't care and yet ur reading this anyway u lovable twat:
1. finish my uber long drawing list
2. make a band b4 I get out of high school. I like to sing so yeah and I haven't really revealed my talent yet...
3. become the first short androgynous female model. why? cuz I wanna know what its like to cross-dress and look awesome doing it. plus I have a very, very, very......VERY small bust. sooo I'm good for boy clothes!

Strange facts bout' me:
1. luv talkin about boobs! dunno why...its either that or sayin some freaky nast shtuff <3
2. always make theories on how i react if i met a person that look just like my drawings
3. have 2 have some form o' sound on when imma sleep. if not, i end up with freaky nightmares. they always stop right b4 i die O.o
4. i can make the simplest word or most g-rated pic into somethin uber disgusting. its a gift ;3

fave anime/manga genres:
yaoi (if u dun likey then GTFO ma profile u homophobic weirdo! jk but seriously...i dont wanna hear yo complaints about it)
slice of life
pretty much all except hentai n yuri. yuri freaks me out =w= and hentai gives me the chills

sayings im most likely gonna say:
"this sucks balls"
"what the flip"
"herp the derp"
"i know right?!"
"you too small fo me..."
"why u so niggacasian"
"why u so AZHAN!"
"i would totally die if that happened"
"i wanna hug"
"i dunno"
"it was so friggin cheezy"
"are you serious?"
"dont be a sad panda"
"omagod, omagod, omagod"
"i love that yaoi!"
"i dun wanuuuu"
"aww shnap!~"
"death by whale penis"
"whoa there..."

you hav now entered my jumbled up, twisted, evil, complicated, crazy, childish, rediculous brain. waaa~...good luck. for lookin at this u get ma luvins n a cookie.

phrase of the year: "you are you. that is truer than true because no one can ever be you-er than you." Dr. Seuss


Fake Feathers (manxboy) *PREVIEW*

Fake Feathers (manxboy) *PREVIEW*

1 page, updated Apr 20, 2014
The third book of Yaoi Tales: Here is Mateo Hernandez, an esteemed, adventurous, freelance photographer. Having sharp senses and skills thanks to his werec... read more
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At Your Service (manxman) *PREVIEW*

At Your Service (manxman) *PREVIEW*

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 20, 2014
The second book of Yaoi Tales: Cadence Demitru has known nothing, but the pain and confusion that was brought to him from his mother's influence or to be... read more
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Graffiti (manxboy)

Graffiti (manxboy)

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Mar 28, 2014R
The first book of Yaoi Tales: Meet Raven, a youth who doesn't even know that more than just his freedom has been stolen and Emmit Ray, a man who has nothing left to los... read more
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4 parts / 1 page, updated Mar 19, 2014PG
It's a bunch of old essays and writing assignments. Some of them probably won't even be that. They might be just me jotting down notes and crap like that. And for knowledge sake I'm ... read more
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Hear My Cry

Hear My Cry

8 parts / 2 pages, updated Jul 07, 2013PG
It's a bunch of poems I made! :3
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