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Kylie0799 commented on Heartbreaker - 18. Hulk Size

“It was worth it,” he whispered “So you could know that I’m your hero and that I’m in control.”
Lola did hint he was pretty kinky in Troublemakers. ha haha
      *rubs back of neck awkwardly while secretly hoping its true*
Kylie0799 commented on TARGET 45 - 42.

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i think your a really amazing writer :) this is the first book of yours I've read but you can bet your booty I'll be reading your others now!!! I'll be awaiting another magical update but until them keep up the good work

"But it doesn't have to be like this. What I've been trying to say to him is just picture it. We have a strong pack now, a strong army now. What would it be like with some alliences, to have other pe...
rafe is basically sixteenth century Russia and then there's Kat over her like the Americas after the american revolution and they got a taste for power and want to go around changing everything because they think they know best due to winning one revolution  *snorts/laughs at the situaional irony while pushing glasses up on my nose* I'm totally not a nerd...