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Kylie0799 commented on The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 2

Castiel laughed at that. "Easy for you to say you dominate the soccer team." Westhill might suck at any other sport but they were definitely impressively unbeatable with their football team.
@bellagoode Referring to the baseball comment: how about you and I go head out to the field. I'll hit you some pop-ups, and then we can see just how long you last attempting to catch without a glove. Or you know, maybe you should "man up" as you so nicely put it, and go stand behind home plate. I have a great friend who would  love to pitch a 90mph fast ball right into your hand! :D I can almost GUARANTEE that if your hand was hit you would have at Least 1 -if not more- broken fingers by trying to catch without a glove! But I'm sure that would be absolutely no problem for you because you're not a "wimp," right? 

In the future can you please reframe yourself from degrading American sports until you know more about them? Thank you.