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Heyy , I'm Kristel . I'm 18. 

First... I LOVE boyxboy stories. :) Everyone who wrotes those stories culd you send me a message and I'll read it ! :D

Second... I'm Estonian. YEAH!! Who known where it is???? Well who dosen't know... I'ts next to Russia , a tiny country :) And who dosen't know  where Russia is, then check a map and this is a largest country in the WORLD. Soo yeah I live in Estonia :) ESTONIA ROCKS !:D:D 

Third... My fave singer is One Direction, yeap sry i know Im 18 and sooo??? I still love them :D Second greatest singer is DEMI LOVATO . 
Yeah i have more fave singers and bands. Marlon Roudette, sunrise avenue, The Wanted and moremoremore others :D

I've heard that Estonian girls are more prettier and sexier than most of the other womens. :P
No offence ofc. :D:D xD 

Fourth... I don't write any stories in here. I only write them for me, because i'm not that good. So yeah. ! Don't expect any stories from me. :) 

My hobbies are volleyball, writing, psychology, singing, dancing and reading. :) 
I have a dog named Kuri and 2 cats they are named DjZany and Mihkel :) Ohyeah.. :D They are sooooooo cute and adorable. ;) Love them :)

I have bestfriend Liisa. We know eachother like 12 years already. Its a loooong time. :) And we are neighbours. xD

Facebook: Kristel Liepkalus
Twitter: @DjKrissu
Youtube: kadrikene122
Rate: kadrikene122
Flirtic: Kristel.
Google+: Kristel Liepkalus

Thats it, and if you wanna know more about me, then ask me . :P:P I don't mind !:)




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