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Krisha_ commented on After 3 - Chapter 257.

"I think she's been wanting to end it for a while," he admits. I glance at him again, not wanting to put too much focus on his sad features. He really is like a puppy, especially right now. I don't l...
He likes him  cuteeee
Krisha_ commented on After 3 - Chapter 240.

My next class, Art History, is much better. I feel more comfortable surrounded by the casual crowd of art students. A boy with blue stained hair sits next to me and introduces himself as Michael. I a...
MICHAEL. BLUE STAINED HAIR. MICHAEL MICHAEL? Is that you Michael Clifford, seriously
Krisha_ commented on After 3 - Chapter 235.

I wait for him to turn back to me, I don't know what it is exactly that I'm expecting, a goodbye, a hug, something, but it doesn't come. He opens the passenger door of Liam's car and climbs inside.
U said no to his hug. WTF
Krisha_ commented on After 3 - Chapter 229.

"Please, no." I begin to cry again. Harry is the only person I want to see right now but I don't want to know how he will react.
She was about to get raped, he can't be a dick about it I really just want her to go to harry tho :'( 
Krisha_ commented on After 3 - Chapter 218.

The man who I assume is Ken’s friend stands to shake his hand. My eyes move to his right, his wife is smiling, greeting Karen. Next to her is a young girl, the girl, and my stomach drops. She’s beaut...
Literally said what the fûck out loud Wtf.