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Hey everyone! My name's Adelle; well its actually my middle name, but that's what I prefer to be called on wattpad :) 
I'm 16 years old, I love to write Romance novels and I get obsessed with things pretty quickly.
I'm in love with books, antique things and I'm a huge HP fan! (I tear up a little every time it's mentioned because it's finished :'( )

A few things about me:
-I'm a bit over-dramatic 
-I live in the Caribbean..well, for a while 
-I like to make new friends so you're welcome to talk to me :)
-I'm a bit messy at times
-I love romance books (especially vampire-romance and werewolf-romance)
-I'm a huge mythology fan also
-And I love anything that deals with magic :)

Stories of mine:
-Rendered in Darkness (only story uploaded, but I'm working on a few others at the moment)

Please do not advertise your stories on my stories; if you want me to read your story just PM me or comment it.
I make covers, so if you want one just ask.
Enjoy :)
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