Hello my name is Kowai Kuchiki... I'm very inactive on this site but I do occasionally publish things...

Just some basic stuff about me:
I am an otaku and am in MANY fandoms, my favourite colors are black and red, I love cats and I love all things dark~
I am bisexual (demi-bi actually) and currently a college student~

In my opinion I'm pretty ameture-ish at writing. I have a few works I'm okay with but most of them are crap so I won't post them.
I only have a couple works on here so if you read them and think they are good I'd really appreciate your opinion~

My favourite anime is and Durarara, and my favourite manga is and Kuroshistuji! 

If you want to reach me for anything just shoot me a message or you can find me on Tumblr. My URL is kowaikuchiki

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School of Miracles

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Description: Following the death of his parents, Akashi Seijurou along with his uncle decide to use the Akashi's family fortune to build a school for people with special abilities. People like Akashi himself. Superpower AU where the GoM + Kagami share a dorm an...

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Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams

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A dream i had one night. Its the dark tale of two lovers gruesome murders.

The Only One I Want

The Only One I Want

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KnB fic based on a bunch of my headcanons. Mostly akakuro, aokuro, and kagakuro. Mentions of akamido, mi...

Since it's valentines day I was thinking about writing a quick little chapter for my akakuro fic but it would mess up the timeline of the story so I wouldn't be able to write much... But I'll give it a shot and see what I get~ I hope you will read it if I do~ <3

Happy Valentines day~
I've been getting a lot of writing done recently~ I hope I can keep it up~ I'm not nearly finished with this story yet~ <3 
I hope you are all enjoying it~ I've never posted anything with this many chapters before~