Hello my name is Kowai Kuchiki... I'm very inactive on this site but I do occasionally publish things...

Just some basic stuff about me:
I am an otaku and am in many other fandoms, my favourite colors are black and red, I love cats and I love all things dark~
I am bisexual and currently a college student~

In my opinion I'm pretty ameture-ish at writing. I have a few works I'm okay with but most of them are crap so I won't post them.
I only have a couple works on here so if you read them and think they are good I'd really appreciate your opinion~

My favourite anime is and Durarara, and my favourite manga is and Kuroshistuji!

If you want to reach me for anything just shoot me a message or you can find me on Tumblr. My URL is kowaikuchiki

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School of Miracles

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Description: Following the death of his parents, Akashi Seijurou along with his uncle decide to use the Akashi's family fortune to build a school for people with special abilities. People like Akashi himself. Superpower AU where the GoM + Kagami share a dorm an...

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The Only One I Want

The Only One I Want

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KnB fic based on a bunch of my headcanons. Mostly akakuro, aokuro, and kagakuro. Mentions of akamido, mi...

Ahem. So. I don't have a clue when the next chapter of School of Miracles is going to be published.
      I've just moved into my first apartment and my roommate and I have been, cleaning, unpacking and furnishing our new home for three days now and I'm so exhausted.
      Honestly though, this is a bit of an excuse... even before I started moving I haven't had the motivation to write. Its been over a week now since my motivation left me and idk when its coming back. 
      Once I'm fully settled in I'll do my best to publish another chapter, but for now please be patient. 
      Please continue to read and comment on my fanfic, I am so grateful to have people actually read it~
Holy crap guys, so many people have read my knb fic ....  sorry its taking so long for the next chapter, I'm a bit stuck... not with plot of anything,  know what going to happen, I just have been lacking motivation to write. I promise to write it by this weekend! I might even stop by my colleges library to help me focus~ though i should be studying for an upcoming test.... well, anyway, thanks for reading it and I'll try not to keep you waiting much longer!!