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Hello! It`s a pleasure to meet you. 
For the most, I`m not great at telling about myself (or I don`t know myself good enough), but still this is a bio which means I should begin with the introducing. 

- For how I spend my days are mostly at home. Either reading, drawing, gaming or playing on the piano

- What reading is to me, are stories that creates a separate "world" where one can explore, as they follow their main character`s story

- Some people have different ways of creating and finding ideas for their stories, as for me, I often lack creativity. Coincidently in my dreams I often get dragged in a "world" with different set of setting and plot. Making them exciting or even scary at some times, either as the main character or an observer.

- I like the color blue. Blue as the sea and the sky, as well as ice.

- I often play RPG games with a blend of other

- I like anime and manga. My preference for the genre are mystery, suspense, action, adventure and a little of horror with a mix of tragedy. 

For those who are still willing to continue. I have something I want to confess, I may be an oddball, but I`m friendly as a flower (though I may be fragile as ice).

- I`m not sure why, but I love when people say I`m manipulating someone even though I`m not.

- If someone grabs my interest I would keep a good EYE on them  

- Using words to successfully confuse my opponents into choosing between two choices makes me, so, happy that I laugh like a villain 

- I often believe that I have a multiple personality, but I doubt that. Hehehe.

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