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I write Sci-Fi short stories. 

Want to know more about me and my writing? 
Check out my interview @ForbiddenPlanet

I also write longer fiction... Recently I have begun a tesla/steampunk mystery called "The Clockwork Servant".


The Clockwork Servant

The Clockwork Servant

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Nov 03, 2011GPictures
1,726 reads votes 44 comments 27
Insurgence, Inc. (SF Short Story Smackdown - 1st round - Dystopian)

Insurgence, Inc. (SF Short Story Smackdown - 1st round - Dystopian)

4 parts / 3 pages, updated Nov 01, 2011PicturesCompleted
The rebel army can finally celebrate victory after overthrowing the multinationals who ruled Britain for almost a decade. Sadly, rebel lea... read more
2,501 reads votes 73 comments 35
Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect

2 pages, updated Oct 24, 2011PG-13PicturesCompleted
The Cold War between the Martians and Earthlings heats up, thanks to the 'perfect spy'.
2,392 reads votes 58 comments 30
Bug on a Windshield

Bug on a Windshield

1 page, updated Oct 10, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Somewhere, some time, jumping through wormholes is nothing more than a fieldtrip.
1,334 reads votes 66 comments 34
When Universes Meet

When Universes Meet

1 page, updated Oct 07, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Why our universe is a bit slower than the others.
2,145 reads votes 92 comments 40
The King of Everywhen

The King of Everywhen

1 page, updated Oct 07, 2011PicturesCompleted
How can a king, who has ruled for over a thousand years be just as mortal as you and I?
929 reads votes 67 comments 21
Once Upon a Time... Nothing Happened

Once Upon a Time... Nothing Happened

1 page, updated Oct 03, 2011GPicturesCompleted
The most common day in history will be remembered as the most extraordinary.
150,914 reads votes 4,214 comments 1,571


2 pages, updated Sep 30, 2011PG-13PicturesCompleted
You know what happens when you die? Well, you will find out eventually... and it's not as great as it seems.
2,430 reads votes 99 comments 36
Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

2 pages, updated Sep 29, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Smoking a cigarette in the airlock of an asteroid mining facility can have serious consequences.
5,672 reads votes 135 comments 79
The Slim Fast Machine

The Slim Fast Machine

2 pages, updated Sep 16, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Life isn't easy when you are married to a busy scientist. But what if you can use one of his machines to save your marriage? "The Slim Fast Machine" is the ... read more
1,183 reads votes 49 comments 27

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Once Upon a Time... Nothing HappenedIll-Fated: A Journey to Death (Dark Times saga #1)The City

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Thanks you all for the kind comments and thanks to HedgeHogGirl for the alternative cover!
Once Upon a Time... Nothing...

Thanks for the dedication. I'm flattered! Nice idea too...
Rogue black holes

@Korsakov Thanks for pointing out the typo. I corrected it.
Once Upon a Time... Nothing...

@Narivah Sorry yes, it should have been spelled with capital A
Once Upon a Time... Nothing...

@Narivah Ayone is the North-Korean protagonist of the story ;-)
Once Upon a Time... Nothing...

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