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Why Can't It Be? [Volume1] - 195 pesos

She's An Assassin
Should I Say Goodbye?

[Onhold / Soon]
Again Or Never? [Jewel Sato's Story]
Undestined Lovers

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She's An Assassin

Social data: 430K reads. 8K votes. 849 comments.

Description: She's not an ordinary girl. She's not the girl that you're expecting to be. She's the girl that can kill you in an unexpected time and way. She is nothing but a liar that can fool everybody, a killer that will laugh when you begged at her.

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Undestined Lovers

Undestined Lovers

1.7K 25 19

"We lost in our game with the destiny... because we fell inlove." -- TIFFANY SANTOS

Should I Say Goodbye?

Should I Say Goodbye?

7.8K 227 70

Love for her sister, love for that guy. Pain from her sister, pain from that guy. Which love and pain is...

His Shadow In My Heart [Book 2 of WCIB]

His Shadow In My Heart [Book 2 of WCIB]

411K 6.2K 1.9K

[Cover by / <a class="on-user-mention" href="/user/Mizutani">@Mizutani</a>] "Loving him was never that easy, forgetting him was never that easy.. What do I...

#593 in ChickLit
Why Can't It Be? [PUBLISHED]

Why Can't It Be? [PUBLISHED]

2.1M 15.8K 3.3K

[Cover by / <a class="on-user-mention" href="/user/kwonyulie19">@kwonyulie19</a>] "A girl who's trying to be strong because she ended up CRYING ALONE ." [PUBLIS...

KawaiiGirl_19 posted a message to Kkabyulism
Thank you po talaga sa Book 2 ng Why Cant it be. Pramis po hindi talaga ako makaget-over sa Book 1. Meron nga po akong libro nun eh at araw-araw kong hinihiling na sana magkameron ng Book 2. Palagi ko nga pong binabasa yung book 1 eh kaya alam na alam ko na mismong lines nila hehe. sana po ma follow back nyo ako. I'm an avid fan of yours^_^
Hi Ateeeeee! Hahaha :) Dakilang Appler Ka Po Pala. Binabasa Ko Po Kasi Yung She's An Assassin .. Actually Daragon Appler Din Kasi Ako..... Haha :) I Wish Maging Friends Tayo? Haha Kapal Ng Muka Ko. Yun Lang Po.