My name is Abigail with an "A" 

I rather not reveal my age to dodge the bias that comes with age. But just know I'm old enough to sail this  ship in the right direction. 

I'm glad you found my corner of this here Wattpad. Welcome Welcome. 

Welcome you welcome me. 
I'm just some weirdo from deepest dirtiest part of the Dirty South.  
Zodiac sign is Aquarius, Although I'm not a huge fan of the stars. Except they do look really pretty at night. 

I hate to keep you, so I'm gonna cut this short. 

I write lesbian novels.  I do different genres but they're always lesbians involved. It just happens like that.

I don't write fantasy, werewolf, Vampire or fairies or none of that. I ain't mad at nobody who writes or enjoys that type entertainment but I'm confident with the realness that I bring. 

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy my writings, they're here solely for you to enjoy. 
Hate,negativity  and all other BS please drop that at the door.  

We inspiring, entertaining, and encouraging over here.  And always remember I ain't got nothing but love for you baby. 

With Love
From my heart to yours <3 <3
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Learning to Love (Lesbian Story)

Social data: 72.9K reads. 2.3K votes. 511 comments.

Description: Three kids, a fat baby, and a dog. That's what her mother left her. Kaliya Jefferson's mother has passed, and it seems her whole world has turned upside down. One day she's a free single, childless woman with a great career, and life is just perfect...

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I'm Having Her Baby (lesbian story)

I'm Having Her Baby (lesbian story)

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A Portrait Of Love (Lesbian Tale)

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Joanna "Jo" Humphrey is an average 15 year old girl. She's a helper for her school's cheerleading team...

Just Be Free (Lesbian Story)

Just Be Free (Lesbian Story)

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Meet Free Jones. Sixteen year old girl, living in one of the roughest parts of Chicago, the south side...

A Portrait of Love 2 (lesbian story){ON HOLD}

A Portrait of Love 2 (lesbian story){ON HOLD}

34.9K 1K 240

So this is a spin-off to A Portrait of Love. It's part 2. In order to understand this story you must re...

WOW! You the first person to actually like Dawn like frfr! All my other readers were like "ugh no Dawn" lol.  Ya know everybody been asking for a sequel but I don't know. I really don't like doing sequels. I'll think about it.  But thank you so much for commenting and reading  I appreciate you. So glad you enjoy. Thanks again.
I almost forgot. Be sure you check out the section in Learning to Love marked as  "Not A New Chapter But Please Read Anyway" ! Please be sure to check out that chapter, and let me know what you think! COMMENTS are vital for that section cause I really just need to know. So be sure to check that out, and leave me a comment if you will! Thank you so much for reading!
Hello All My Friends!!

 How's everyone doing tonight?   Anyway I just dropped in to say a new chapter has been posted for Learning to Love! Please do check it out! Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you think! Votes and comments please and thank you. Thank you so much for reading!