My name is Abigail with an "A" 

I rather not reveal my age to dodge the bias that comes with age. But just know I'm old enough to sail this ship in the right direction.

I'm glad you found my corner of this here Wattpad. Welcome Welcome.

Welcome you welcome me.
I'm just some weirdo from deepest dirtiest part of the Dirty South.
Zodiac sign is Aquarius, Although I'm not a huge fan of the stars. Except they do look really pretty at night.

I hate to keep you, so I'm gonna cut this short.

I write lesbian novels. I do different genres but they're always lesbians involved. It just happens like that.

I don't write fantasy, werewolf, Vampire or fairies or none of that. I ain't mad at nobody who writes or enjoys that type entertainment but I'm confident with the realness that I bring.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy my writings, they're here solely for you to enjoy.
Hate,negativity and all other BS please drop that at the door.

We inspiring, entertaining, and encouraging over here. And always remember I ain't got nothing but love for you baby.

With Love
From my heart to yours <3 <3
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Let's Talk About It

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Description: This book is a book of announcements from me to you! Recently I discovered that nobody ever reads my message board, and I got tired of adding parts to my stories that had nothing to do with the story. So here you will find special announcements in...

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Learning to Love (Lesbian Story)

Learning to Love (Lesbian Story)

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Three kids, a fat baby, and a dog. That's what her mother left her. Kaliya Jefferson's mother has passed...

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I'm Having Her Baby (lesbian story)

I'm Having Her Baby (lesbian story)

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A Portrait Of Love (Lesbian Tale)

A Portrait Of Love (Lesbian Tale)

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Just Be Free (Lesbian Story)

Just Be Free (Lesbian Story)

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Meet Free Jones. Sixteen year old girl, living in one of the roughest parts of Chicago, the south side...

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In a relationship communication is key.  If you not saying how you really feel then you lying. No if and buts about it. I agree Chloe is way too clingy, and I also think Madison needs to tell her something.  Chloe thinks their relationship is perfect and it's not. Madison is miserable, and she don't even know it. The very least Madison can do is tell Chloe how she feels, and if Chloe disagrees then maybe she needs to remember it's not just about what makes her happy but her partner as well. It's kind of selfish if you really think about it.  Even as sweet and caring as Chloe is.   *sigh* it be like that sometime.
Kisses_From_TheSun commented on [Lesbian] Unfaithful - 1. Unpleasant Surprise

So I don't understand how Chloe doesn't  see how all uninterested and unbothered Madison is towards her.  And I think it is really quite soon to be handing out house keys and things.  I don't know Chloe just seriously needs to take two steps back and just think for a moment.  Well  good chapter. I love the cast except Kylie Jenner. Gross! Lol no but good choice for the rest of them.