My name is Abigail with an "A" 

I rather not reveal my age to dodge the bias that comes with age. But just know I'm old enough to sail this  ship in the right direction. 

I'm glad you found my corner of this here Wattpad. Welcome Welcome. 

Welcome you welcome me. 
I'm just some weirdo from deepest dirtiest part of the Dirty South.  
Zodiac sign is Aquarius, Although I'm not a huge fan of the stars. Except they do look really pretty at night. 

I hate to keep you, so I'm gonna cut this short. 

I write lesbian novels.  I do different genres but they're always lesbians involved. It just happens like that.

I don't write fantasy, werewolf, Vampire or fairies or none of that. I ain't mad at nobody who writes or enjoys that type entertainment but I'm confident with the realness that I bring. 

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy my writings, they're here solely for you to enjoy. 
Hate,negativity  and all other BS please drop that at the door.  

We inspiring, entertaining, and encouraging over here.  And always remember I ain't got nothing but love for you baby. 

With Love
From my heart to yours <3 <3
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Learning to Love (Lesbian Story)

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Description: Three kids, a fat baby, and a dog. That's what her mother left her. Kaliya Jefferson's mother has passed, and it seems her whole world has turned upside down. One day she's a free single, childless woman with a great career, and life is just perfect...

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Hi All!

New chapter for Learning to Love has been posted. Be sure to check it out, and let me know your thoughts.   I need comments! Please do comment, and don't forget  to vote. Thank you so much for reading!
Kisses_From_TheSun commented on My Heart (Lesbian) - Lost & Found

Wow what a chapter.  Now just what is the beef between  Etana and Kandyse they been going at it since "I'm Okay"  I know Etana bringing up old stuff like Atina, set Kandyse off but it seem like it run just a little bit deeper than that.  

Kandyse is fiercely protective of her sister. Which is expected especially with twins,  they have this connection almost like 1 in the same but so different.  And I can understand her questioning Atina's motives, with the unstable ground she left Kamille standing on. So it's totally understandable, I'd be questioning her too.  And how can she feel so strongly after five years? Like what does she expect to happen? What if Kamille don't trust her, and be like I'm not gonna do this? I mean there can be love, but when fear, and not enough trust jump in the mix, love is dodged at all cost. 

And I'm just dying to know what Kamille gonna do when she sees Atina? Would she run, cry, hide, or just what?  But see what really twist the game up is Kamille was in love with her deeply at one point in time and it's like both emotions the you hurt me, you left me standing in rain, I can't trust you, I'm heartbroken over what you  did, and then there's I loved you, i confessed to you, I feel so strongly about you, five years later, and the mention of your  names causes me to feel some type way.  All that collides and who knows what could come from that mix. 

This is entirely too long of a comment. My apologies. I'm just really amped about this story.  You never fail to "wow" me. I'm here for this. This comment is ridiculous. Me so sorry.  It's the mix of entertaining reads, and boredom at work really brings out my inner essayist. Ok bye!
Kisses_From_TheSun commented on The Bellamy Harris Affair - Red

This was magical.  Short, simple, sweet, and very meaningful.  It was an easy read, smooth flowing and quite the eye opener. It's a good short story. Like a short film that has more meaning than a four hour long movie. I really liked this.  It was heaven sent, and lovely. Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoyed this.