"Live your life without regret, don't be someone who they will forget."


Stay trippy. Explore your mind.

My stories will make you question your sanity.

Hey guys, thank you for visiting my page :D You can call me Valerie! Feel free to message me, I'm a friendly person. I have plenty of story ideas up my sleeve so I guess we'll just see what happens. I'm mainly attracted to romance and teen books. I WILL be a successful author someday, just wait and see. I'm currently on my school's newspaper (With @madeleinep4197 and @SuzakuDashell) and loving it.


I'm not your average writer. I don't write cliche shit. Instead I prefer topics including drugs, gangs, violence, tragedy and love mixed into all that. Deal with it <3 


If you've noticed in all my stories, I use the same gang called "La Familia Latina" or LFL, I just like using it, not a real gang, unless you make it one? 

You can add me on Facebook if you wish, just message me so we can exchange names. Also, I edit stories if you're interested.

I've met some angels, but I hope someday I'll be kissed by one <3

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To sum up my personal life:

Of Mice & Men 
Dream On, Dreamer
Unicorn gang
Angels (duh)
Drugs (it's more of a fascination) 
Writing (duh)

(Profile picture is me by the way please don't copy) 

工 レ◯√乇 ㄚ◯∪



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I've seen some things, man.
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The Angel and the Wolf

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Description: For centuries, Iofiel has been flying around earth as an Angel, guarding over assigned humans who face possible danger. But how will she react when she discovers the next being for her to protect is a werewolf? Scratch that, Lupin Vesper isn't just...


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