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Name Kiaa Alexis
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My name is Kiaa and Im 16

 my favorite colors are purple and blue and green. lol!

I love animals , my very on pit 

My favorite movie is the WHOLE Twilight Saga! I'm in love with Vampires :) So Yeah Team Vampire Diares Too ! #Team STEFAN #STELENA

Im not really anything special but i love to make people laugh and have a good time, even if im not.

I have 3 best friends who know everything about me. Sydney, Shunda, Mali. I  like to draw though im not really good. Currently have a crush on my cousins bestfriend. Dont know how that will work out.  :)

A couple things im proud of are the fact that im an awesome singer. Yes i brag about that. I love my fashion sense and the fact that i can just be blunt with people and tell them EXACTLY what i want to say! :)

My background says: Chicks Before Dicks ! Please Excuse The Language .

Anyways, if you want to talk, im your gal! Trust me, I can hold a conversation for hours and you'd never get bored. Lol so imbox me. OMGEEE Dont think im going to post any writing cause im not sure any one would read or fan sooooo we will see how that goes .


      -KissMheSweetly or Kiaa
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