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I was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. I am of Korean and Irish descent.  When I reached the age of 8, my parents had to stop my education at my current school. We moved to Galway, Ireland since my mother was getting homesick and was missing her family. I lived there and learned engllish, which was very hard at first since the writing system and vocal language was very different from korean. After many years of living in Ireland, my parents brought me to Kyotoshi,Kyoto,Japan. I learned some japanese since I only stayed there for about a year. After a year living in Japan, my parents and I moved back to Ireland. Since then I have surrounded myself in learning many more cultures. Yes, I am a girl who wants to be multi-cultural. All I have learned these past few months, was French. It's hard to learn for me. I still am not used to the girl and boy differences, but hey I'm trying. 
Thank You for reading this and visiting my Homepage. 
Olivia Park <3

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