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Hi there, my name is Gerard. I'm a writer at heart, mind, and body along with the way that I use that skill as a writer to be an artist. I write and I draw, I want everything. I'm seventeen years old, pretty much a genderqueer kid in the skin. bisexual. That's really all that's interesting. 
You can follow me on tumblr at: , my kik is DoctorMoriartySPN :D

My fandoms that I am interested in are: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Homestuck, My Chemical Romance, Prequel, Naruto, and a few others. And dear god, don't get me started on the ships.

My otp to fandoms are: Gamkar, johnkat, dirkjake, destiel, sabriel, johnlock, sheriarty and a few others.

Bands: My Chemical Romance, The Used, KoЯn, A System Of A Down, Chris Garneau, and I have a weird guilty pleasure of classical music and instrumental songs of violin and such. 
I do not fancy Justin Bieber, Nicki Manaj, or One Direction. Don't bring them up...or at least try not to.

I really am a high-functioning sociopath. Be warned. 
If you dare to lay a finger, or a simple word against any of my friends and I hear about it, you will wish you hadn't at all. That's my only warning, don't take it lightly. 
People are scared of me for a reason.

I like coffee, tea, arizona green tea, and dr. pepper. 
People bribe me with those things. It's weird.

I have had difficulties in the past, present, and most likely future with depression, but I try my hardest to not let that stop me. I use those feelings a lot to morph my stories into what they are. I've got friends who I can lean on, those friends to help me, and they always hold me up when I have fallen. They're like family, those friends. Family don't always end in blood.

Send me a message and I'll surely get back to you. Especially if you have any questions or just want to chat. :) I'm always here.


R.I.P. My Baby 11-14-12

M.T.B.P. 3-22-2013 I saw The Black Parade and they guided me back to life.


The Kings Of Hell [{SuperWhoLock}]

The Kings Of Hell [{SuperWhoLock}]

6 parts / 8 pages, updated Mar 31, 2014PG-13
Three different types of people, demon hunters, a time traveling alien, and a consulting detective must team up to stop the wrath of their worst enemies that have banded together and become the Kings of Hell. ((Really stupid summary..))
196 reads votes 13 comments 8
Awkward One-Shots

Awkward One-Shots

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 19, 2014PG-13
1,376 reads votes 25 comments 25
Chokin' On Their Halos

Chokin' On Their Halos

11 parts / 16 pages, updated Jan 31, 2014PG-13
Sam Winchester has a project for his school and makes his older brother Dean go storm chasing with him one night when he finds a freak storm appear on a radar lat... read more
515 reads votes 31 comments 8
The Clown And The Crab {Discontinued}

The Clown And The Crab {Discontinued}

8 parts / 9 pages, updated Dec 12, 2013PG-13
{AU! Homestuck} Karkat was kicked out of the kingdom of Alternia because of his blood colour, but really someone in the castle is betraying his troll's... read more
588 reads votes 31 comments 12
The Outbreak {Discontinued}

The Outbreak {Discontinued}

4 parts / 10 pages, updated Oct 30, 2013PG-13
After Frank Iero, the boy who the Heavens and Hell call the Seer sets out with the Nephilim brothers, Gerard and Mikey Way, and the angel Ray Toro. Lucifer is st... read more
451 reads votes 32 comments 8
The Hunted

The Hunted

15 parts / 44 pages, updated Oct 27, 2013RCompleted
Frank Iero meets a priest after being caught in a storm. But this priest turns out to be something that Frank thought was impossible, but then again, everything is not what it ... read more
3,725 reads votes 206 comments 58
The Kids Of War And Peace

The Kids Of War And Peace

21 parts / 38 pages, updated Oct 02, 2013RCompleted
Two boys move into the Iero house as foster kids. The younger brother is like a parental figure for his older brother who lost most of his memory and developed a... read more
9,286 reads votes 520 comments 146
The Mask That Smiles

The Mask That Smiles

2 pages, updated Sep 13, 2013RCompleted
My Creepypasta Happy Friday The 13th <3
233 reads votes 19 comments 8
Devil's Tendrils

Devil's Tendrils

5 parts / 8 pages, updated Jul 12, 2013R
It's either live or die by the hands of the devil's tendrils. Danger lurks around every corner, but does Gerard have enough guts to save everyone that mean something to him?
641 reads votes 30 comments 22
The Deaths Of Saint Jimmy

The Deaths Of Saint Jimmy

10 parts / 7 pages, updated Jul 05, 2013PG-13Completed
Billie Joe Armstrong is losing times of day. Saint Jimmy is slaying away.
1,053 reads votes 49 comments 21
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