How are you today? Good? Well, that's smashing. I'm feeling good as well, thank you. 

If you're reading this, then you probably want some information to build up a mental picture of me. Well, there isn't much to say, save that I'm a musical Luddite - choosing good ol' Rock'n'Roll over the doof-doof music of today - and that I favour authors such as Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, and Orwell. I have also subjugated the entire British Isles under my rule - hence the name. 

I've got a couple of things up that might interest you, so have a gander through my work and see if anything catches your eye. If not, click on something anyway. You might surprise yourself and find what you're reading to your liking.

Feel free to give me any feedback you deem necessary. It would be much appreciated in helping me both develop my work, and myself.

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Description: 'I have chosen you as my champion, to shape the world as I see fit.' Cedric Swift died on his father's battlefield, fighting his uncle, the Grand Duke, a man poised to take the throne of Rendell. But when he wakes in his coffin and finds a pale fac...

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Ah, just as wonderfully violent and sensually grim as I expected it to be. You truly outdid yourself here. Some of the language is incredible, especially the line '...nightgown hanging off her body in tantalising disarray'. So very, very good. 

The stuff about the moon is some of my favourite from your writing. The idea that somebody reached up and nailed a hook into the sky, and that from that hook they placed the moon, is wonderfully inventive. Some of the wording and imagery in those first few paragraphs is incredible too, so much so that any writer reading through it will inevitably come away depressed, knowing that the words they would have chosen would come no where near to yours. 

Our elegantly dark Lady here is also pretty cool. The picture you paint of her with your words is just as good as the one I can imagine you painting on canvas. I can almost imagine myself as that poor, shambling boy, looking up at her, knowing that death was probably coming, and not being particularly bothered about it. 

So, all in all, this chapter was definitely worth the wait, even if there weren't any venom filled boners, and we both know how much I love them. 

Yeah, that last bit might come back to haunt me. 

Anyhow, well done Al'!
KingBritain commented on The Dead King - Chapter Thirty-two

@AliceNACT You are. Even the incredibly funny joke you pulled in the first line (which actually made me laugh out loud - and it really hurts me to use such a cool kid phrase like that) cannot save you from the terrible disappointment that I'm now regarding you with. 

And it's great that you love Gaiman. I read American Gods a couple of weeks ago, and it was just brilliant. I don't really read comics - or graphic novels, or whatever (although a bug might slowly be biting me) - but his writing was so good that I had to order every collection I could find.  They are immensely, brilliantly, outstandingly good. And, considering you're all into art, I think some of the images would just yank your jaw down to the ground. 

So yeah. Go out and buy them. 


Now, Alice.

And get A Game of Thrones, too, whilst you're at it. You'll never look back.