How are you today? Good? Well, that's smashing. I'm feeling good as well, thank you. 
      If you're reading this, then you probably want some information to build up a mental picture of me. Well, there isn't much to say, save that I'm a musical Luddite - choosing good ol' Rock'n'Roll over the doof-doof music of today - and that I favour authors such as Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, and Orwell. I have also subjugated the entire British Isles under my rule - hence the name. 
      I've got a couple of things up that might interest you, so have a gander through my work and see if anything catches your eye. If not, click on something anyway. You might surprise yourself and find what you're reading to your liking.
      Feel free to give me any feedback you deem necessary. It would be much appreciated in helping me both develop my work, and myself.
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Description: Five years have passed since the bloody events of After Britain, and the dead landscape of the world has only gotten worse. New cities are rising, and with their growing armies and dark intent, the people of the After are in more danger than ever. M...

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After Britain

After Britain

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When the manics came and the fires followed, only the After remained. Follow The Soldier as he struggle...

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The Dead King

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'I have chosen you as my champion, to shape the world as I see fit.' Cedric Swift died on his father's...

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Edward Corhaven is a fat drunk who was once involved in some terrible business which ended in the absolu...

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Mystery Box

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Over the years, I've written a lot of things that don't really have a home. Some are short stories, some...

Yeah, this was always going to be a big revelation in Doggerland. There were a few hints in the first book about whether the manics had something of themselves lingering within them, but I thought I'd hold all that off till later, because it's a pretty big subject to tackle. 
      So, I'm glad you're intrigued. This is good. Slowly, the many sub-plots - the vault Layton was looking for, Albion and Doggerland, the thin dude we met, Rose and her quest to find Stephanie  - will hopefully meld together. If I can pull it off, that is, which I'm steadily getting more and more worried that I can't.
      Glad you liked the other bits around it as well. With seven pages, I thought maybe the chapter was a little too full of that kind of stuff, so it's nice to see it that it wasn't. 
      Anyhow, thanks for reading, Al'. Your lovely comments have made my night :D

Ah, Alice. It's good to be back in the dark and crazy world that is your mind. 
      Great new chapter. Carmilla is definitely a brilliant addition to an already wonderful cast. You nailed her voice really well here - so much so that you don't even have to indicate that it's her speaking. Just have her call someone darlin' and we'll all know that it's our favourite new murderous creature talking. 
      Also, the impish creature tied to her by their dark gift is a cool idea, too. Although, I did get a little confused, mistaking him with Edmund, simply because Edward and Edmund are very similar names. Obviously, someone with a greater attention span than a blind newt (which isn't me) would be able to realise the difference, but that's my only quibble. 
      Beautifully written as always, with a lyrical quality that I'm endlessly in awe of. Can't wait for the next chapter of sensual gore, so I'll just go and watch "I Can Settle With an American, Lesbian Cannibal" instead to sate my appetite.

@AliceNACT Yeah, that makes sense. Although it does mean that normal folk like us who follow a respectable and realistic amount do suffer. Damn the masses. Damn utilitarianism. 
      It's a lovely image of you sitting there, happily writing away on a coach, whilst a woman silently wonders whether she's ever going to get off the coach again alive. But, yes, that is a bit weird. Although, I look around at my beautiful surroundings and write loads of stuff about grey, dead cities, so I'm not one to judge. Maybe we just see the inherent horror in the beauty of things, or at least, imagine it to be there. 
      Yeah. Probably something wrong with our brains. Also, kudos if that was spontaneous. Poetry is something that terrifies me (the poetry I have written is so dire that I'm practically a Vogon), so I'm very impressed.

Depends on how professional you want to make them, I suppose. Though, of course, "I Can Settle With an American, Lesbian Cannibal" is at the top end of that particular scale. We really went all out on effects. In some cinemas, it's even 3D.
      And I'm slowly killing myself, that's what I'm doing. Just so tired, all the time. 6 days in a row so far. Next week, I only have one day off again. The company I work for a very well known for being evil, and considering I didn't really think about going to university (unlike some sensible people) it's pretty much going to be like this the rest of my life (even if it might be for different companies, they're all owned princes of Hell as far as I'm concerned). Ah, lord. Why have you forsaken me?  
      Also, I'll treasure my next cup of tea knowing that you gave me permission to have it.