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Praise the Loordd Jori finally got rid of that crazy girl. Jori definantly needs chelle back in his life its not the same without her @Nattblob i...

Okayyyyyyy i lovedd the chapter its brilliant but i feel so sorry for Emily because i dont want her to turn out crazy again like she is doing so...

Yayyyyy ur postedd ive been waiting time for thiss but why is Jori being a dickead for like hes starting to jar me and he was just in my good...

OMGGGG yhhhh it is her sisterrr jheezeee im loving Kordelll even though its crazy but hes nice but then theres Reece whos nice aswell

I dont like Paulette shes to much man like calm down, awwww chelly and jori are just so cuteee awww It looks like Hayden is the man and woman...