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hey, im annie :) I absolutely love to read and write!! Right now everything is going smoothly :) still in school and and well..i hope i fit in this site :)) IM SUPER EXCITED!!! 

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This has been on hold for fucking ever!!!!!!!! What cha do?!?!! DIE!! Totally forgot about us fans and your story.
Twisted fate (ON HOLD)

This shit has been on hold since freaking APRIL?!?!!! W- T- F much much talent....all put on hold??? So sad. So soooooo...
Twisted fate (ON HOLD)

I totally saw that coming!!!! But damn, no more chapters uploaded. :/
Twisted fate (ON HOLD)

Awesome!!!! Chapter!!!!
Twisted fate (ON HOLD)

Ace?? An angel?? Hmmm maybe. Considering the glow haven is suddenly seeing. So is she an angel as well??
Twisted fate (ON HOLD)