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Kellen Merle doesn't actually exist. Not in the way you imagine, at least  — one author, sitting down at a desk, typing away. We made Kellen Merle up to encompass those who make up KellenMerle. And just who exactly makes up Kellen? Here is the very impressive list so far:

The Haunted (Book 1) — Naraesa Francis & Patrick Mendez
Fate — Naraesa Francis & Patrick Mendez

You see, when Patrick first started writing the story, he knew nothing about publishing, and so he started asking for the help of professional authors and stumbled upon Naraesa — she is not a real professional, you might say, but she has the talent for it. Since we're each working with incredible authors to tell our stories, we decided to write under one name so that it doesn't get too confusing — also called a pseudonym — and so that all the books get put together in the store so that people can find them!

We started thinking of random names. At first, we made it non-gender specific — Skye. But then, we later made it more feminine, since we wanted to be 'rare'. Naraesa pieced together both the first name and the  surname we now have, and voila! We became Kellen Merle. We are currently writing two novels.


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Fate {now going to continue}

Fate {now going to continue}

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"You're not Alex anymore," Fate said softly. "Now you're Mark." Alex has it all: a perfect family, good friends, and a loving girlfriend. T... read more
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Fate {now going to continue}

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Fate {now going to continue}