Hi everyone:) 
I'm really happy about how far I've gone with my stories because to be honest, I didn't think that I would be planning that many stories or uploading lots (well I don't do that!) but I've gotten this far!!! Yay!:)
Thank you beautiful followers:) You're all amazing<3

Stories that I have posted:

To be a Princess - writing at the moment and trying to decide if there should be a sequel.

Deadly Innocent - on hold, I don't have any inspiration and will probably delete it........

My Other Half - on hold (on and off story with really no plot)

Zero, my vampire knight - on hold (I should really just finish this and get it done)

My Dark Knight (an Ouran high school host club fan fiction) - Nekozawa x OC 

Stories in the future:

In my eyes (a DeathNote fan fiction) - No Pairing - approved (x100000) by my sister - in the process of writing...

The Curse of the Uchiha (a Naruto fan fiction) - Non-Uchiha Massacre. SasuHina. Crack and extreme OOCness. - approved by my sister

Road to Host (an Ouran high school host club fan fiction) - flipped personas of OHSHC characters (like an extension of the chapter in To be a Princess). Follows the anime. - APPROVED. :D

Ouran Secret Security Force (an Ouran High School Host Club FanFiction) - Ouran Academy; a school for the wealthy and prestigious children of leaders of organisations, corporations and companies. Such figures of high power are surely endangered and targeted on a regular basis, so who protects them when they are in school? The Ouran Secret Security Force, of course! - APPROVED:) - in the process of writing...
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My Dark Knight (OHSHC Fanfiction - Nekozawa love story)

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Description: Darkness was all that ever surrounded me. A sheer blanket of night as thick and suffocating as miasma that enveloped my presence and soul. This wall of black shielded me from the light of others. Their all too bright smiles and their naivety to the...

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To be a Princess - an OHSHC Fanfiction (EDITING)

To be a Princess - an OHSHC Fanfiction (EDITING)

199K 5K 1.4K

Ever since her mother died, things have never been the same for Yuki. Her father pushes her to her absol...

Zero, my vampire knight (EDITING!)

Zero, my vampire knight (EDITING!)

34.9K 834 133

Kumiko has no memories from before she was 6. One day she arrives at Cross Academy to become the new gua...

Deadly Innocent~ a naruto fanfic (DISCONTINUED)

Deadly Innocent~ a naruto fanfic (DISCONTINUED)

29.7K 886 232

Running. That's what it's always been like for me. Running from the people who try and hunt me down for...

My other half - a Ranma 1/2 fanfiction (DISCONTINUED)

My other half - a Ranma 1/2 fanfiction (DISCONTINUED)

1.9K 51 19

Akane's childhood friend Tsukimi returns from her martial arts training around the world after many year...

It's good so far :) I'm actually planning something similar to this story but its different, trust me. It has potential to be really interesting. 
Your writing is really good considering that its your first fanfiction. The grammar and writing style really improves as you go along. 
Thanks for all your comments on my story btw! They made me smile :)
Kawaiinojutsu456 commented on Fire + Ash (OHSHC) - Chapter Eleven

Haha. No worries (regarding the vote for the OHSHC Awards)! :) you deserved it! Anyway back to the chapter... An update! Yay!!! I take even longer than you to update so don't worry, you're not the only one so there's no need to apologise :P I really liked this chapter. Some Hikaru action to shake things up a little :) great job with the description as always :) I look forward to the next update (even though it may be a while away).