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Some random facts that you peeps might be interested about me :-

- Saya suka kucing.
- If you know what that means, then congratulations, you know where I'm from.
- I'm allergic to cold.
- I hate it when I am forced to do something that I don't like. 
- I usually keep to myself, but I will get friendly (sometimes over-friendly) when I can get along or when I am comfortable with somebody
- English is my second language. I also intend to learn Arabic, Spanish, French and maybe some Japanese in the future :)
- Like any other teenager, I love music. 
- Oh, I'm 16, by the way. :D
- I absolutely love music! Who doesn't, huh? I don't really mind the singer, so long as the song has meaning and the lyrics make sense to me. If you have any song to recommend to me, don't be shy, just post them on my message board. 
- I have two older brothers and absolutely no sister. That does make me a bit lonely but my family is really awesome. so that kinda makes up for it. 

And that's all that I got for the time being. Thank you for reading!
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Oh man! Now I really wanted to buy those books which I'm pretty sure aren't available in my country. Most of them, anyway. :(
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When I read about you crying whenever a dog dies in a movie, I can't help but remember this movie about a dog and a man. The title is Hachiko.....
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@Innocence_is_bliss You're welcome! :)
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