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Disclaimer: Many of the stories that I first posted are not that great. I'm a Creative Writing major at Purdue University, and so my most recent works should be better. So if you read my oldest stories then just bare with me. Also, for all of my stories, they are rough drafts without editing, so there will be some errors.


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I Hate You, a story of two souls who've loved each other through the eras in many different lives, are put into the taboo lives as brothers.

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Gay Education: An Essay

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Description: An essay I wrote about how LGBT education is ignored in schools. I had to write it for a class, and after staying up all night I proudly got an A on it.

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Purgatory - Where My Failed Stories End Up

Purgatory - Where My Failed Stories End Up

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This is where I'm putting all of my failed stories that haunt me everyday.

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HELLOOOO! I'm so sorry I haven't updated anything in forever. This semester of college has been hell and I was busier than I ever have been. However,  my winter break starts Sunday and it lasts until January 12th! That means I will be able to write a lot more! 

So, I might have to put some stories on hold. I think Brick by Brick will be on hold for a little while. Sugarcoated I will try and update. I will also try and write for Brick by Brick because I have part of the chapter written. I've tried finishing it but it's been a struggle. So that's why it might go on hold before Sugarcoated.

However, I do plan on writing a new story. If you like The Boss, then I think you will like this one. For one thing, I had Mathias Lauridsen portray Emerson and David Beckham portray Lafayette in The Boss, and it's basically the same characters but a completely different plot and setting. So it has no correlation to The Boss. It's not a sequel, but it's basically like an alternate universe of them. If that makes sense.

Anyway, you should expect a teaser from that story soon, within the next week.

Once again, I apologize for not writing at all this semester. I'm sorry, but I will do my best to make up for it!

Hugs and Kisses,

i have just finished reading 'tease' .. nd it was so cute... n alec was adorable... so so so cute ...bt they should have said 'i love u' to each other .... i mean i was really looking forward to it ... B should have said that to alec... i wanted that to happen !
bt anyways u r really a great writer !!