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On Our Way - A Short Story

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"What's your story, Garrett?" "Basically, my story is a heaping pile of shit. But hey, at least it's su...

Purgatory - Where My Failed Stories End Up

Purgatory - Where My Failed Stories End Up

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This is where I'm putting all of my failed stories that haunt me everyday.

Brick By Brick

Brick By Brick

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[Gay Fiction] Alex Cicero and Garrett St. Claire are two boys attending the greatest college in the wor...

Little Black Book To Write My Poems In

Little Black Book To Write My Poems In

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My beloved readers and friends! I need your help!

I've applied for a scholarship by Dr. Pepper! Please follow the link below and vote for my submission!

Basically, they're awarding people who have a goal in their life and my goal is to be a writer that changes society! So please vote! If I win then I will have more money for my education, and I'm majoring in creative writing! With more money means I might not need a part-time job, meaning I could have more time to actually write!

So please vote!


Thank you so much for those of you who do!
Hey guys! So I know I haven't updated my stories in forever but this semester of college had been stupid busy. In my creative writing class we had to write a short story and so I went ahead and published it! It's called "On Our Way" and if you know my characters Garrett and Alex then they're in it! 

I will try my hardest to update. Things are just so busy and I hate it. Like, a lot.

But, I love my followers, so go ahead and follow me on other websites too!

Twitter: @KTShakespeare
Instagram: @KTShakespeare
Snapchat: kboyer2013
Mibba: Katie Shakespeare (I have stories on this website I've never posted on Wattpad before)
Fanfiction: Katie Shakespeare 
Deviant Art: Katie Shakespeare
Tumblr: katieshakespeare.tumblr.com
My Facebook name is Katie Boyer but I doubt I will friend you because it's more private, but you can follow me on there I think!

So yeah. Definitely follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I use those a lot :D

Anyway, keep me motivated dears!


Hey guys. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  My username for both is KTShakespeare. I want new friends because college is sucking right now and I like you guys.

Thanks. Love you.
Also, I have these accounts:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/KTShakespeare
---I very frequently use Twitter.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/katie.boyer.7
---Don't friend but you can follow.
Mibba: http://www.mibba.com/Member/223244/
---Holds other stories of mine.
Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/~katieshakespeare
---Holds fanfictions obviously.
DeviantArt: http://katieshakespeare.deviantart.com/
---I don't often use, just artwork mostly.
Snapchat: @kboyer2013
---I might follow you back, but I use this a lot
Tumblr: http://katieshakespeare.tumblr.com/
---Don't use often either
Instagram: @KatieShakespeare
---I just got and will use often.
Website: http://kathrineboyer.weebly.com/
---Hasn't been updated but is a professional site

So go ahead and follow if you want.
Dear Followers,

I am so terribly and horribly sorry I have not updated anything in months. I recently started my second semester of college and it is incredibly busy. I have seventeen credit hours. One class is math, and I suck at math. Another is this horrible speech class that consumes so much of my time. I'm also in the marching band which is five days a week for about two and a half hours, and then ten hours on Saturdays during games. We have five games in a row unfortunately, so it's time consuming. Plus, I'm in a fraternity and that takes up much of my time as well. I'm going to college to write and I ironically have not had any time to write. Yeah, way to go education system.

Anyway, when marching band doesn't have games back to back to back, then I will hopefully be able to write more. Plus, I changed my schedule for work and I should have more time as well. Also, I just feel bad about not writing, so I have more motivation.

If you would still like to keep in contact with me, then you can follow me on Twitter. I'm very picky about Facebook friends so I recommend not trying to add me on there, but Twitter is fine. I use Twitter a lot. My username is @KTShakespeare so you can keep in contact with me there. You can always message me here but I don't know how often I will get back to you.

For both of my active stories, I do have parts of the next chapters written. "Brick by Brick" should be updated when I get the chance to write. The chapter is almost done, I promise.

So thank you very much for your patience.


Katie Shakespeare