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Disclaimer: Many of the stories that I first posted are not that great. I'm a Creative Writing major at Purdue University, and so my most recent works should be better. So if you read my oldest stories then just bare with me. Also, for all of my stories, they are rough drafts without editing, so there will be some errors.


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I Hate You, a story of two souls who've loved each other through the eras in many different lives, are put into the taboo lives as brothers.

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Hello dears!
      It's been a long time and I sincerely apologize! I'm in college studying writing and I've been busy. I got a job, I have a lot of homework, I'm a president of a club, I'm in a fraternity, and various other things. So sorry I haven't been able to write much!
      However, it's summer! So far I don't have a stupid job and I otherwise have nothing to do. So of course I'll write!
      Unfortunately, "Sugarcoated" and "Brick by Brick" will be on hold. I'm going to continue Sugarcoated, but I will have to revise it a lot because I don't like the beginning. I might do a little revising to "Brick by Brick" because I didn't like some of it, but I also just want to finish it for you all! I've actually had half of the next chapter written for about a year. So I'm sorry! The next few chapters probably won't be my best but I don't want to leave you hanging!
      Lastly, I'm currently writing like 4 stories. One I am having a ridiculously hard time writing, so I doubt I'll post that on here for a while. I'll most likely wait to write that one until the upcoming semester comes and I have my awesome writing class.
      However, the other three should be posted on here sometime! 
      Here's a little preview of them. And yes, some are LGBT.
      "All Hail the Queen." - A fantasy story about a sultry queen and her betrothed in a troubling battle going on. Written in POV chapters, you'll get to see things from various character perspectives (and yes, there is an LGBT couple going on in it, but also a straight one with perhaps graphic details). Stay tuned!
      "When the Rain Falls." - A story about a troubled girl and her boyfriend, Rodney, who leaves a burning impression on her messed up life. (Yes, a little LGBT towards the end).
      "Insert Title Here" - Yeah, I don't have a title for this one, but it's essentially a cute little high school LGBT story with a twist on it. So stay tuned (and maybe help me with a title and/or cover).
      Anyway, thanks for all your support and patience!