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Please help me out and support my story "The Boss" by voting for it in a contest I entered it into! Here's the link: http://tlng.me/1cc85at Thank you!


I Hate You, a story of two souls who've loved each other through the eras in many different lives, are put into the taboo lives as brothers.

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Luminary [LGBT Short Story]

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Description: Dean A. Holladay waits his whole life for that change, for the light at the end of the tunnel. Will he reach it? This is a story about a gay youth in the 1960's and 1970's and his life.

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On Our Way - A Short Story

On Our Way - A Short Story

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Alex and Garrett were the epitome of best friends, and also the epitome of broken friendships. However...



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"What's your story, Garrett?" "Basically, my story is a heaping pile of shit. But hey, at least it's su...

Purgatory - Where My Failed Stories End Up

Purgatory - Where My Failed Stories End Up

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This is where I'm putting all of my failed stories that haunt me everyday.

Brick By Brick

Brick By Brick

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[Gay Fiction] Alex Cicero and Garrett St. Claire are two boys attending the greatest college in the wor...

HELLOOOO! I'm so sorry I haven't updated anything in forever. This semester of college has been hell and I was busier than I ever have been. However,  my winter break starts Sunday and it lasts until January 12th! That means I will be able to write a lot more! 

So, I might have to put some stories on hold. I think Brick by Brick will be on hold for a little while. Sugarcoated I will try and update. I will also try and write for Brick by Brick because I have part of the chapter written. I've tried finishing it but it's been a struggle. So that's why it might go on hold before Sugarcoated.

However, I do plan on writing a new story. If you like The Boss, then I think you will like this one. For one thing, I had Mathias Lauridsen portray Emerson and David Beckham portray Lafayette in The Boss, and it's basically the same characters but a completely different plot and setting. So it has no correlation to The Boss. It's not a sequel, but it's basically like an alternate universe of them. If that makes sense.

Anyway, you should expect a teaser from that story soon, within the next week.

Once again, I apologize for not writing at all this semester. I'm sorry, but I will do my best to make up for it!

Hugs and Kisses,

i have just finished reading 'tease' .. nd it was so cute... n alec was adorable... so so so cute ...bt they should have said 'i love u' to each other .... i mean i was really looking forward to it ... B should have said that to alec... i wanted that to happen !
bt anyways u r really a great writer !!
My beloved readers and friends! I need your help!

I've applied for a scholarship by Dr. Pepper! Please follow the link below and vote for my submission!

Basically, they're awarding people who have a goal in their life and my goal is to be a writer that changes society! So please vote! If I win then I will have more money for my education, and I'm majoring in creative writing! With more money means I might not need a part-time job, meaning I could have more time to actually write!

So please vote!


Thank you so much for those of you who do!
Hey guys! So I know I haven't updated my stories in forever but this semester of college had been stupid busy. In my creative writing class we had to write a short story and so I went ahead and published it! It's called "On Our Way" and if you know my characters Garrett and Alex then they're in it! 

I will try my hardest to update. Things are just so busy and I hate it. Like, a lot.

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Anyway, keep me motivated dears!