Candace~~ 17 years of age~~ Taken

I'm a 5 year old at heart. 
I stutter...a lot...and say "sorry" way to often ><
I have a hamster, two cats...and a dog....and a fish x33 
Quotes are my way of saying my inner most feelings.
I play guitar and  violin.
Skateboarding is my way of leaving the world for a while.
Writing is a passion, though I don't post a lot of it up here  >,< 
I'm a total TV junkie, cartoon and anime addict  >< ....Otaku *3* 
Book nerd, youtuber, gamer, average girl right here.
Music...oh music, how you have made my skin tingle and my ears jingle with the joy of your sound.
My music taste varies from classical to rock and every genre in between :33
I honestly don't know who I really am, or who I want to be....
| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)


Tumblr: http://transparentwaffle.tumblr.com/
instagram: @thatgirljames
Twitter: @star_warsrulz 
gamertag(xbox360) : transparentbook
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Let's make steam {boyxboy}

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Description: Will and Phil are totally different people, I think the only things they have in common is that their boys and that their gay. They grew up together in the small land of Estrabow. A land where all the elements come together in harmony. Where once yo...

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How to make anything...FUNNY !!!guide!!! (In the process of editing)

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Day Light Stars (On hold, due to that I have major writers block)

Day Light Stars (On hold, due to that I have major writers block)

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OH MAH GERDNESS!!! I have 3,000 followers :'3 ....ya'll are too good to me....I honestly can't thank you enough for this...!!!(I need to post....I've dishonored you guys by not posting x33) SO I SHALL UPDATE SOMETHING!!!! I WILL DO IT!!! 
But in all honesty....You guys are the best...thank you for following me....I can't thank you enough :'3 <3