Hey everyone! Thank you for supporting me and my page I really appreciate all my readers. Even the ones who are haters because that just gives me more views and comments :3
To all who read all my books...I'M SORRY. I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I would but I'm pretty depressed right now...My BF who has autism and Bi-Polar lost his SSI our one and almost only income. I only earn about about 350$from my under the table job (if I'm lucky) just enough to pay ONLY the electric and internet bills! My dog Jenna died leaving us 700$ in DEPT (leaving me not only depressed and missing her but depressed because this is my first dept and I have no idea how I'm going to pay it off!). and my boyfriends 1000$ computer  just broke! With him having not only autism but bi-polar too...and that was his one source of entertainment.... I think I'm going to go NUTS!! I would say what else could go wrong? But I have a few ideas that could happen and I REALLY don't want to think about that!!! I'm already depressed and miserable enough to the point I actually had to write about it! I'm sorry I can't update but until things start looking up and let me tell you they definitely are NOT...IDK when I will ever be able to update again... I'm really sorry guys...
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Just Another Rogue Story

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Description: The true story of a misunderstood rogue. After living though so many hardships she always finds a new reason to keep moving forward. Will she find a pack that is willing to accept her? Even if she does, will she find a reason to stay? Or will she al...

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