Hey everyone! Thank you for supporting me and my page I really appreciate all my readers. Even the ones who are haters because that just gives me more views and comments :3

Please check out my newest story Anthology of True Love.. 

-I love reading all kinds of books.
-I am practically in LOVE with werewolves.
-I'm a boring 21 year-old with almost no life and I love to write.
-I am a Computer Gamer, and addicted to Sims 3& Minecraft (Name is KarmaLin)
-I am not a socialite. Never will be either, I dislike speaking or chatting with other people, I tend to avoid it. (Weird ik, I just prefer to stay silent) 
-I update my stories whenever I can (if I'm not procrastinating)
-I thank everyone who is supporting me, you're all awesome!
-I aim for uniqueness! I want to be me, not a copy of someone else.
-I hate shopping (by myself at least)
-I am PETRIFIED of spiders even the tiny ones.
-I hate bugs. Almost all BUGS including lady bugs but ONLY excludes caterpillars and butterflies.
-I am what my cosmetology teacher calls a 'coconut' instead of a blond moments I have coconut moments.
-I am a Cosmetology girl, that's right I can legally do your hair, nails, make-up, perms and color :) Ahhh I wish I had my red hair still.

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AppleBay posted a message to KarmaLou
We would be besties if u were my age. I like quiet moments but l love loud moments also. I love cosmetology but idk how to actually do it. I actually think haters r seriously stupid cuz they add to the view of a person....I mean don't they think of that. ...I am seriously in love with werewolves and I think I'm probably secretly mated to one *sigh*.....I wish.....anyways I freaking hate spiders and any other insects cuz they give me chills...and I would so love to see you with red hair cuz I love red hair for some unknown reason but don't get it twisted cuz my fav color is seriously 50 shades of blue. Meaning I love all blues.....and I love reading stories so I would recommend some if I actually knew your taste or preference. ..especially if it was like mines haha