Heyy! Karina hereeeee! If you didnt already see that! That IS me in the picture.. Just saying(: Hmmm... Lets see...

~Lables are stupid.
~I am clinically depressed, have insomnia, and suffer from anxiety
~I was almost raped by an ex boyfriend
~I am happy sometimes, but I dont really know if Im faking it
~@ThePerttyGirl is my best friend! ♥
~I love everyone! Yes, even you!
~Singing helps with my anxiety and anger
~I write because it takes me to other worlds
~Im 21 even though I look 15.. LMAO!
~I will never ever judge anyone
~I was born in the wrong generation
~I try to sleep... A LOT!
~I am fucking addicted to NUTELLA!
~I have no religious preferences.
~And I fucking cuss!

~Harry Potter
~Doctor Who
~The Big Bang Theory
~The Hunger Games(Gale can suck my imaginary dick! I hate him!)

@DebbiPopeFarris (My mommy)




@SatelliteHeart1994 (Summer is my Watty girlfriend.. ♥)

~Bisexual(Fuck yeahh)
~A singer(My shower head is very impressed with me)
~A dancer(Again, my shower head is impressed!)
~And I will love you forever!

My fans are:
~Completely Insane
~And totally perfect!!!

~Panic! At the Disco
~All Time Low
~Iron Maiden
~Dio(RIP ~Black Sabbath
~Warrant(RIP Jani! ~And sooooo many more!
~One Direction

Fan mehh??

I love you all! Thanks for reading!!!
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