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About ME!
*I LOVE Twilight...I'm you can tell
*I'm 16
*im an avid reader
*my newest book is based of 50 shades of gray
*I have a best friend who I spend a lot of time with
*im single ; )
*if you wanna kik ir snapchat pm me for my name
*fan, vote, and share!


Fifty Shades Of Rob

Fifty Shades Of Rob

3 parts / 2 pages, updated Jul 05, 2014
Kristen Stewart has to interview a business person for her paper what happens when her and Robert fall in love. Will it be love at first sight or the wrong kind of love?
263 reads votes 4 comments 4
Twilight a Different Version.

Twilight a Different Version.

12 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 12, 2013PG-13Completed
THis is a different version and Charlie and Bella are living together still, but He has a girlfriend that doesnt like Bella at all. But Bella hasnt met Edward... read more
22,271 reads votes 246 comments 78
A little piece of Forever

A little piece of Forever

4 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 11, 2013PG-13
676 reads votes 18 comments 7


3 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 14, 2013PG-13
tags / saga twilight
640 reads votes 19 comments 9
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb

19 parts / 16 pages, updated Feb 26, 2013PG-13
I think this is going to be a short story that i add to every so often! i love this one so much but it is starting to be to much so i think i'm going to go and start a new one....
7,351 reads votes 176 comments 76
Sample Chapters!

Sample Chapters!

6 parts / 4 pages, updated Feb 13, 2013
208 reads votes 5 comments 2
Edwards Eclipse

Edwards Eclipse

25 parts / 16 pages, updated Nov 06, 2012PG-13Completed
This one is compleat maybe i will start on breaking Dawn
30,712 reads votes 360 comments 112
New Moon The day Edward says good bye

New Moon The day Edward says good bye

9 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 24, 2012PG-13Completed
This story will be in Alice Edward and Bella POV This is all the further i want to go into in this one! it is done
3,219 reads votes 72 comments 29
About Stephenie Meyer

About Stephenie Meyer

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Sep 12, 2012Completed
623 reads votes 2 comments 1
About The Twilight Saga Humans

About The Twilight Saga Humans

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Sep 12, 2012Completed
279 reads votes 3 comments 0
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@NewMsCullen @Volleyballstar11 im going to be continuing this story! I hopr you both are still interested in reading it! im going to redo this...
Fifty Shades Of Rob

@lilangel2012 I'm not sure
Edwards Eclipse

I don't know where you got your facts but all of these have nothing to do with anything in the Twilight books
51 things twilight characte...

You guys do know she died a awhile ago her stories will never be updated again and she used one of my emails to sign up for wattpad so I'd love it...
Ezra&Aria Love at last

@NewMsCullen they just become part of my past.....if you read in between the lines you can see what i was going through when writing each...
Twilight a Different Version.