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      Hello I'm Kae 
      I never really know how to describe myself so I hope that my writing does that for me. 
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Description: I was completely naive. I was utterly and blissfully ignorant. A life didn't exist outside of home and church for me until I met Khalil. My mother , my father , my church family didn't prepare me for harsh realities. Why sugarcoat life if it's far f...

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A Second Chance

A Second Chance

51.2K 703 113

(Sequal to The Good The Bad & The Chance) Ivory is now going back to Virginia for Tae's and Tamia's wedd...

Payback Never Hurts A Bad Girl

Payback Never Hurts A Bad Girl

172K 2.6K 413

(Sequel to Bad Girl) Melanie has no clue who she is anymore, not even her real name. As her memory slowl...

The Good , The Bad & The Chance

The Good , The Bad & The Chance

101K 790 113

Ivory has had a rough life. From her mother's verbal and physical abuse to not knowing who her father is...

Bad Girl

Bad Girl

775K 7.8K 1K

  Melanie has been in tough situations, with her parents leaving her and her sister to explore the world...

vikii_o posted a message to KaeChanel
Hi Kae, i want to ask when next you are going to update last chance. I really enjoy the boy and hope to read the last of it. 
KaeChanel commented on Bad Girl - Bad Girl : Chapter 2

"Mel I miss you no one else compares to you." You would think it's sweet right? "Ryan you wanted something you wasn't going to get. Like every other boy at that school. Is everybody tired of messing...
@toriavelen @donut-  @abbyyylayneee Ladies, I appreciate the concern and I also appreciate the criticism. I wrote this book 4-5 years ago when I was a lot younger. My grammar was horrible. I don't have the time to go back in edit this trilogy. I wanted to delete it from wattpad because I personally can't stand to see something I wrote with bad grammar. I was young I was writing for the fun of it and definitely not worry about grammar. Now the only reason why this story is still up is because I still have readers that love the trilogy , grammar mistakes and all. I have come across the grammar police a couple times in the story and this probably won't be the last. No more fighting. I respect everybody opinion on a book a wrote a long time ago but right now I don't have time to edit so either love it or leave it. Have a good day.
I haven't seen any votes or comments for Insane? Not feeling it? Let me know so I can start something else.
I have uploaded the new story it is named Insane. Check it out! Vote and Comment! I have the first five chapters done and I will have all five uploaded by the end of this week. 
Okay guys. I miss posting and I've been working on a new story. It's different than my other stories. A little more mature and I'm excited to post it. I hope I get feedback! It will be going up in the next 10 minutes. Don't forget to check it out.